More than a retreat, this is your journey

Jamie Isaac

As someone involved in wellbeing, I should definitely tell you that true contentment is discovered in being truly present in the moment. The power of now. However, to give your ‘now’ a little perspective it is certainly sensible to take a moment to look into the past, and also to prepare for the future. Sometimes it’s[...]↣ READ MORE

Tofu’s recent rise in popularity is thanks to the fact that it is a complete source of dietary protein, supplying all the essential dietary amino acids. This tasty meat alternative is now mainstream; today you’ll find it easily at most supermarkets and in many various forms, and can be found in the diets of more[...]↣ READ MORE

Jamie Isaac Pilates retreats

Autumn is officially here and as much as the changing scenery and beautiful colours lift the soul, the impending winter and shortening days can also leave us low on energy and retreating inwards. But retreating isn’t necessarily a negative action. One of its literal meanings is to withdraw into a safe and secure place, which[...]↣ READ MORE

Practice with love.

Ah, yoga! What does it all really mean? Today the concept of yoga has experienced such exponential growth, that it is no longer a growing phenomenon, but a common practice within our popular culture. Yoga is happening everywhere, in everything. Big corporate hotel brands are enlisting the much desired high heeled arm balances of famous yogis[...]↣ READ MORE

I recently sent our nutrition expert, Jo Dombernowsky, an email. I was simply telling her how great her food is, and how wonderful it is that she has a vision and wants to share it. As well as being delicious, it changes lives. Last month was the opening of our latest retreat experience in Southern California, and as[...]↣ READ MORE