Beyond the Mat

Beyond the Mat is the Azulfit commitment to living our mission- to realise and enable positive change in the world outside the yoga studio- where it counts most.

We believe that each movement, however small, made with purpose and positive intent can ripple outwards, and that they have the potential to make a big change within our networks, our communities and for our planet.

What are we doing?

This year we are focusing our energies into our local community, and into supporting four partner charities that are particularly close to our heart. We also are continually working to make our retreats and operations more sustainable and have made our pledge for 2018. We also think it´s important to help our team, our guests and the wider yoga and Pilates community to get involved.

We have selected charities that are really important to us, that we know are making a difference through sustainable initiatives. We work closely with each charity, to ensure transparency and accountability for all donations. In sharing these charities with you, we hope that we can together build a connected global community, united under common goals.

Our Partner Charities

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Pay It Forward: Vrinda Foundation

  1. Pay It Forward: Vrinda Foundation

    Azulfit and their recurring Pay it Forward Monday charity meal campaign supports the Vrinda Foundation. Every week our retreat kitchen offers healthy vegetarian evening meal to our guests on a donation basis, and our amazing guests week in week out dig deep and give back. The initiative is the brain child of chef Erika Franciosi, who is our link to the foundation, and their team in India. Year to date we have raised €1637 for the charity.
    €0.00 donated of €463.00 goal

Khusi Hona

  1. Khusi Hona

    Our head teacher, Rachel has been personally involved with the charity for two years, and has first-hand witnessed their incredible work. Our retreats provide a non-profit sales outlet for their Lovetree jewellery line – a venture that empowers and educates women and provide a sustainable, living wage, employment and training for women in Goa.
    €0.00 donated of €1,000.00 goal

Yoga Beats Conflict

  1. Yoga Beats Conflict

    Yoga Beats Conflict is set up to fund teacher trainings and buy supplies for yoga teachers teaching in conflict areas. The charity also pays for travel for yoga elders and teacher trainers to visit these conflict areas and provide workshops. We have raised €783 euros this fall (2017) to contribute to the travel costs of David Sye and his team through sales of our Enlightened Threads Peaceful Warrior clothing line, where all proceeds go to Yoga Beats conflict.
    €0.00 donated of €217.00 goal

Give Back Yoga Foundation

  1. Give Back Yoga Foundation

    Each November we host a donation class and charity meal for the Give Back Yoga Foundation who provide yoga for cancer, yoga for veterans and yoga for prisoners amongst other amazing projects. Their teacher training programs allow yoga teachers and practitioners to bring yoga to underserved communities. Funds raised are put to good use: expanding our mission in the world to boldly bring yoga to unserved populations. We have raised €225 euros to date.
    €0.00 donated of €300.00 goal

Animal Welfare and Animal Rescue

  1. Animal Rescue & Animal Welfare

    Azulfit support island charities including Fuerteventura dog rescue and private citizens rescuing animals, getting them vaccinated, spayed, neutered and adopted at home and abroad. To date we have re-housed 3 animals this year ourselves and raised 900 euros for animal welfare, veterinary bills and charity work and support. Our kitchen also supports sustainable farming practices to contribute to healthy animal welfare in our village. The local goats and donkeys love our Truly Healthy vegetables and fruits!
    €0.00 donated of €200.00 goal



‘I wanted to start the work day by taking time out to thank you and your participants in the Yoga Makes Change donation class. Your photo brightened up all of us with a huge smile. Thank you. Your funds raised are put to good use: expanding our mission in the world to boldly bring yoga to unserved populations. Please stay in touch with us, and, again, thank you so very much. This is a personal thank you for helping us and also allowing us to be the highest versions of ourselves through yoga service to others.’
– Rob

Rob Schware, PhD – Executive Director, Give Back Yoga Foundation