Santorini Yoga and Pilates Retreat

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From 1075 euros
26 May – 2 June & 2 – 9 June 2018
Frauke, Valentina, Jo
Santorini, Greece
Azulfit’s most experienced instructors will guide you in the sublime setting of Santorini, Greece. Experience a specially crafted programme of wellbeing and renewal for the lucky attendees of this retreat. Complete with the comfort of a truly beautiful retreat centre and the nourishment of organic food served fresh from the retreat garden, this is a once-in-a-lifetime retreat experience in one of Europe’s most beautiful destinations. Be sure to book early to avoid disappointment.

Santorini yoga and Pilates retreat

Valentina Parmigiani Azulfit Santorini Yoga RetreatThis rejuvenating retreat programme combines Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation to take you on an incredible journey of wellbeing and discovery in stunning Santorini.

From your arrival in Greece you can feel at ease and enjoy the wonders of this glistening jewel of an island, safe in the experienced hands of the Azul team. We look forward to welcoming you, supporting you and guiding you through this incredible wellbeing experience.

Through the practice of yoga, Pilates and meditation you will connect with your body, mind and soul. You will work with amazing instructors through a challenging and fun program that will leave you feeling truly rejuvenated and cleansed. Drawing from the magical energy of Santorini you will feel connected with yourself and inspired.

It will be the experience of a lifetime, with a chance to immerse yourself in the life-changing practices of Pilates, yoga and meditation, and to connect with some of your favourite Azul instructors in this relaxed and tranquil retreat setting.

chillout with us in santorini

As well as the expert teachings you will also find yourself rebalanced by the beautiful nature of Santorini, with inspiring walks and views all around. Take in the stillness, soak up the Greek sunshine and enjoy the energy of this special island, allowing yourself the time and space to invite relaxation and wellbeing in.

Please note: You don’t need any previous knowledge or experience with Pilates or yoga to take part in this course. Likewise, experienced practitioners are also welcome as we will split classes to offer basic and advanced tuition separately, ensuring everyone gets the most from the course.

About the instructors

Frauke Behrens - Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Frauke Behrens yoga and meditation instructorFrauke is an internationally certified Kundalini yoga teacher. She is a reflection of what she teaches, and each class with her is more than a class, it is an experience. Frauke has been teaching and practicing Kundalini Yoga for many years. She is certified through the Kundalini Research Institute, teaching in the style of Yogi Bhajan and is a full member of the Spanish Association of Kundalini Yoga.

Frauke is passionate about what she does and each class and meditation she leads help us to connect and to cleanse. You will enjoy every minute of her class, from the gentle meditation through to the energetic asanas, to the final relaxation. Frauke reminds us to connect and centre, to know that life is to be and her meditations and classes will lead you on a wellbeing journey to cleanse and connect throughout your stay in Santorini.

Valentina Parmigiani Hatha Yoga Instructor

Valentina Parmigiani -  Yoga Instructor

Valentina is an inspiring and compassionate teacher, using classical Hatha Yoga adapted for all levels. Having trained using ancient Indian methods learned in her various studies all over the world, she is interested and passionate about yoga in all forms. Her classes are a vinyasa flow (based on her Jivamukti, Hatha and ashtanga studies) to help you connect, move mindfully and increase strength and flexibility. Classes with Valentina improve agility, muscle tone, strength and breath control.

Valentina believes in yoga's physical and mental benefits, providing a holistic harmony in our bodies through asanas and pranayama. This helps to promote a balance between the nervous system and endocrine system, then directly influencing all organs in the body, providing an improvement in overall health and wellbeing. She strongly believes in yoga as a way of life, which can only be learned through experience.

Jo Dombernowsky - Pilates instructor, cookbook author and nutrition expert

Jo Domernowsky Pilates SantoriniJo is also an advanced practitioner and inspiring instructor. Her classes focus strongly on understanding correct form, body awareness and body synergy, giving students the understanding and skill to progress in their Pilates safely and quickly. Her classes are fun and challenging and compliment the yoga program beautifully.

She is also a practitioner of Ayurveda and will be available throughout the week to discuss nutrition and ayurveda.

Jo’s passion for wellbeing shine through in all that she does and we are so excited to have her as part of the Santorini dream team this year!

The location

Crescent-shaped Santorini is considered the precious gem of the Aegean. With its white-washed clifftop villages set against the deep blue sky, multicoloured beaches, vast volcanic vineyards, crystal clear waters and world famous sunsets, it is easy to fall under the spell of this magical, mythical island.

Yoga & Pilates Retreat, SantoriniThe island exploded into being – the result of 12 huge eruptions over 20,000 years – with the collapsing volcano creating a huge caldera (crater) in the sea. You can even scuba dive in this giant lagoon, to adventure into the crater and discover for yourself what’s left of the opening of the volcano.

Your retreat home of Oia is located high up on what is considered the balcony of Santorini. Oia is known for its amazing views of the volcano. There could not be a more fitting location for this “The Fire Within” retreat. Just two kilometers from the beach with inspiring walks and views all around, this is a chance to truly unwind and explore the many facets of beautiful Santorini.

The culture, architecture, geography and gastromony of Santorini are all reasons to visit in themselves. You can head down to the crystaline coast to take a cooling dip in the deep blue waters and enjoy the stunning beaches with white, red or black sand, spectacular rock formations and impressive lunar landscapes. Stroll through traditional villages, with narrow streets leading you on an adventure through time gone by. Treat your taste buds to the tantalising local food, with a whole host of delicious products to sample – some of it coming straight to your table from the organic garden of your Greek host, Antonis. It doesn’t get much more authentic than this.

The sublime setting of Santorini will inspire you for an incredible week of wellbeing. Adding exceptional instruction in Pilates and yoga, delicious organic food and excellent company with likeminded guests, this is a week not to be missed.

Class schedule

Morning Afternoon
Saturday Arrivals Gentle yoga | evening welcome meal
Sunday Morning yoga | Breakfast Pilates | guided meditation | evening meal
Monday Morning yoga | Breakfast Pilates | guided meditation | evening meal
Tuesday Morning yoga | Breakfast Pilates | evening meal
Wednesday Morning yoga | Breakfast Free afternoon | evening meal
Thursday Morning yoga | Breakfast Pilates | evening meal
Friday Morning Pilates | Breakfast Yoga | meditation | evening goodbye meal
Saturday Morning yoga |Breakfast Departures


Santorini Yoga and Pilates retreat: Triple Room Option

Santorini Yoga and Pilates retreat: Triple Room Option

Santorini Yoga and Pilates retreat: Triple Room Option

Santorini Yoga and Pilates retreat: Triple Room Lounge

Double room option

Santorini Yoga and Pilates retreat double room option

Santorini Yoga and Pilates retreat: Lounge

Santorini Yoga and Pilates retreat: Lounge


Yoga retreat meals

Daily breakfasts will be served after the morning session.

Healthy organic evening meals are included and are grown from the retreat centre's garden. They are vegetarian multi course meals, with starters and a main course. Fish will also feature on the menu two nights, and vegetarian options will be provided each night.

Lunch is available for an additional cost at the retreat centre restaurant, or you can explore the nearby village during your down time.

'We strongly support the idea of organic nutrition, that’s why we offer our customers a wide range of Greek, traditional dishes using as many ingredients as we can from our own produce, such as cherry tomatoes, white aubergines, local cucumbers (katsounia), round zucchinis, string beans (ampelofasoula), grapes, figs, melons and watermelons. Take a stroll into our vegetable garden and get acquainted with the renowned, dry varieties which grow on the island and taste the fruit of our fig trees which surround your bungalows.'

-Antonis, your host in Oia

Massage, beauty & complementary therapies

Massages can be booked for you to take place at the retreat centre. Please contact us for more information.

villa azul massage and beauty treatments


Santorini yoga retreat harbor

What's included:

  • Seven nights accommodation
  • All classes as listed above
  • Daily breakfasts
  • Seven organic vegetarian or seafood based evening meals
  • All equipment (mats, belts, etc.)

Price for our Santorini retreat: The cost of the course is 1075 euros per person for a shared room and 1325 euros per person for a private room. Triple rooms and Quad rooms are also available.

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