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Overwhelmed by your continued support

Karissa and Jamie,
David and I feel totally overwhelmed by your continued support for our projects in the Middle East, your belief in us is humbling, we are so full of love for you guys…..

Your fund raising last year (2017) meant that we were able to return in November, and continue the teacher training program with the Palestinians. The money covered our airfares and our safe transport in and out of The West Bank. The last 2 years have been tough for the YOGA BEATS CONFLICT fund, leaving David and I to self finance the project so that it could continue. So as you can imagine the generosity of your recent donations have made an amazing difference to the project financially.

We are looking ahead to a very exciting 2018, hopefully culminating with our ultimate goal for the year, starting the final Step of teacher training, with an aim for graduation in 2019 for our group of Palestinians. Their 7 year YogaBeats journey and dream of teaching Yogabeats finally happening ……

With Love… David Sye & Sarah Stephen

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