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Pay It Forward: Vrinda Foundation

Azulfit and their recurring Pay it Forward Monday charity meal campaign supports the Vrinda Foundation. Every week our retreat kitchen offers healthy vegetarian evening meal to our guests on a donation basis, and our amazing guests week in week out dig deep and give back. The initiative is the brain child of chef Erika Franciosi, who is our link to the foundation, and their team in India. Year to date we have raised €1637 for the charity.
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The headquarters of Vrinda foundation are based in India, in the village of Vrindavana, considered a holy place in the Hindu culture. The founder of the Vrinda Foundation is Paramadvaiti Swami, a spiritual master of Krishna consciousness lineage.
Main projects:
-primary education institute for homeless children in Vrindavana and Mayapur, India
-food distribution for the needy
-eco village and farm
-water conservation (cleaning and purification) of river
– preservation of holy places
-protection of women and widows in special houses and ashram
-cruelty free food campaign
-book distribution
-animal sanctuary for the protection of cows

Erika Franciosi in India (animal lover, chef, yoga teacher and all around amazing human)

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