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Yoga Beats Conflict

Yogabeats Conflict is set up to bring yoga and altruism to those most in need. From March 2018 onwards we are working together with David Sye to help bring relief to those displaced by the Syrian conflict, most noteably children. We have partnered with The Toy Smuggler, who is working on the ground there bringing aid where it is most needed. In any area of conflict, Yoga Elder David Sye shines his light to bring relief in the form of yoga or emergency support. Money raised for Yogabeats Conflict is used to fund teacher trainings and buy supplies for yoga teachers teaching in conflict areas. The charity also pays for travel for yoga elders and teacher trainers to visit these conflict areas and provide workshops.
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David Sye is one of the UK’s most esteemed teachers, and has successfully piloted Yogabeats programs resolving conflict within communities from the UK and across the planet, particularly in the Middle East. His not-for-profit work is supported by his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Sye explains: ‘Yoga comes from the sanskrit language, meaning to join or unite. Today Yoga is often, mistakenly, perceived as a celebrity fad or a chic workout for white middle classes. Yoga for over 5,000 years has been a means for achieving a state of personal evolution or ‘self realisation’ and as a consequence creates a direct internal link to ‘Source Energy’.

Whether it is drugs, crime or war, history has shown that Yoga is highly effective in empowering and transforming the fearful existence of countless peoples into joy and happiness. Collectively this is one of the most underestimated tools for achieving the changes that will endure within our communities.’

Contact us to order a Warrior Jumper or Vest with all proceeds going to YogaBeatsConflict.

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