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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Retreat

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Surya Retreat, Fuerteventura
24 November – 1 December 2018
Valentina Parmigiani
From 800 euros
Learn to flow, find space within and reconnect with yourself, as you practice with an amazing teacher in an inspiring location. This retreat will leave you restored, strengthened and uplifted.
 Join Valentina Parmigiani on this week long ashtanga yoga immersion. Valentina is passionate about yoga and her warm and inclusive classes are perfect for all levels of yoga practitioner.



In this week we will learn and practice the primary series of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, through guided class and the "self practice system", in order to bring home a concrete practical knowledge of the sequence.
Valentina will also teach the "Moon Sequence" of Matthew Sweeney as a complementary instrument to learn with the Primary series.

We will explore how to adapt our body with variations to improve the asana (pose), investigate breath techniques to better feel the power and the benefits of the Vinyasa. The "Vinyasa", or movement between asanas, encourages the blood to circulate properly in the body, while the deep breathing supplies a rich source of pure air, oxygenating the blood and allowing the removal of unwanted toxins through the lungs.
"My approach, as though by my teacher Matthew Sweeney, is to practice yoga as an holistic experience: asana, pranayama and meditation will be combined to help the student to experience the multiple aspect of the beauty of yoga." - Valentina

To attend the week we require a minimum of 6 months of yoga practice.
Injuries or special needs with their modified versions of the pose, will be explained also during the afternoon workshops. You will learn the Primary series through Navasana.

Valentina and her teachers Petri Raisnan & wife WambuieAbout Ashtanga yoga:

The Astanga Yoga method taught by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois focuses first on the practice of asanas in order to establish health, to correct imbalances, and to strengthen the system, thus stabilizing the body and mind.

Through the discipline of asana practice, done consistently over time, we are able to bring ‘sthira’ (stability) to the body and citta (the mental fluctuations).

The method of asana practice prescribed by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois was taught to him by his teacher, Shri T. Krishnamacharya.

Internal heat is produced, and is described as burning up the impurities in the body, the toxins are liberated from the tissues by each asana. The sweat that results also serves to remove toxins through the skin. ‘Drsti,’ or steady gazing in different places during each vinyasa and asana, is an important element of the practice, which over time facilitates dhyana (meditation), having a profound effect on the steadiness of the mind. When all of these elements are incorporated into the practice, having been learned correctly under the guidance of a qualified teacher, we are able to purify and strengthen the system, making the body light and strong, and the mind calm and peaceful. We are then able to realize the full benefits of the practice and dive deeply into the ocean of yoga.

If look at our body as a divine instrument to reach the deep superhuman energy underneath our muscles...Ashtanga yoga practice it's an amazing way to experience that.

We will breathe and stretch deeply, and invite harmony and a fresh energy to our body and mind.

This week promises to be an incredible and inspirational week of blissful practice, lead by the abundantly experienced and open hearted Valentina.

She puts so much heart and soul into it

Valentina's yoga classes were simply outstanding. She really is the most remarkable teacher. She puts so much heart and soul into it and wow does it it have an impact! I didn't know I could be moved so much in mind, body or spirit.

Vashti, London

The classes

This retreat includes morning and afternoon yoga classes in our beautiful yoga shala at Surya Retreat or on our beautiful outdoor open air yoga deck. The classes are led by Valentina, offering you the perfect opportunity to develop your practice  in an immersive experience. She is highly experienced and attuned to the needs of her students.

About Valentina

Valentina has been practicing yoga and studying for many years. She is certified in dynamic, flowing yoga of both Ashtanga and Jivamukti styles and has also received a special authorization from Matthew Sweeney to teach the moon sequence.

Valentina Parmigiani and Matthew Sweeney

Valentina's passion for yoga and her desire to learn have lead her to study alongside some of the finest yogis in the world, including Master Jitendra Das, Sharon Gannon and David Life, as well as many pilgrimages to India and Sri Lanka. This diverse and detailed experience, along with her open heart and compassionate personality, make her an inspiring and much sought after teacher.

Valentina is one of Azulfit's leading teachers and is well known for her fun, challenging and inspiring classes. She teaches with love and connects with each and every student as her warm, open demeanor and intuition allows her to really see and feel what each student needs.

Classes with Valentina will improve agility, muscle tone, strength, flexibility and breath control, whilst connecting the body and mind. She strongly believes in yoga as a way of life, which can only be learned through experience, and is always happy to share her passion for yoga with others.


Morning Afternoon
Saturday Arrivals Restorative Welcome Class
Sunday Welcome and Moon Sequence guided class Theory of Ashtanga
Pranayama and meditation
Monday Primary series guided class Workshop on alignment and asana modification; Pranayama and meditation
Tuesday Primary series guided class Workshop on core strength and jumps;
Pranayama and meditation
Wednesday Theory and practical class:
Learning the sequence; how to do "self practice"
Yoga Philosophy on Patanjali yoga sutra
Thursday Learning the sequence: self practice Question/ Answer
Workshop Inversions
Friday Primary series led class Chakra meditation
Mantra chanting
Saturday Gentle guided class and meditation ( restorative) Departures



This special retreat week takes place at Surya Retreat in Fuerteventura. The retreat is beautifully situated nestled amongst the volcanoes with views to the sea. Offering different levels of accommodation to suit all budgets, we are sure to have the perfect place for you to rest, relax and enjoy the rejuvenating effects of this special week.

Massage, beauty & complementary therapies

Included in this special week is a one hour full body massage - the perfect way to relax. You can book additional treatments, including massages, beauty treatments and complementary therapies, to make sure you go home rested and pampered. See the massages and spa treatments.


What's included:

  • Seven nights accommodation
  • All classes as listed above
  • Daily vegan / vegetarian breakfast buffet, light & wholesome lunches and five delicious vegetarian evening meals
  • One hour full body therapeutic massage
  • All equipment (mats, belts, etc.)

There is a 100 euro supplement to our normal prices for the week for the additional class program and workshops.

My experience of the retreat with Valentina's classes was one of transformation

Valentina is a dedicated, talented and inspiring yoga teacher. Before coming to an Azulfit Retreat and taking Valentina’s classes, I never really understood yoga. I knew it was supposed to be beneficial and was suffering from health problems at the time, so took the plunge, and the view of ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’ and booked onto an Azul retreat to find out more.

My experience of the retreat with Valentina’s classes was one of transformation which had an overwhelmingly positive effect on my life, and continues to do so.
Valentina clearly explains the workings, benefits and magic of yoga – both the physical and the psychological – in a way that makes sense and is accessible for everyone. She is also incredibly patient with a kind heart, so there’s definitely nothing to worry about if you’re a newbie. I couldn’t touch my toes in my first class!

If you’re a more advanced practitioner, Valentina adapts her style of teaching accordingly by carefully and intuitively helping each person on the mat to progress at their own pace. Her adjustments are also excellent and she assisted me comfortably into asanas I never thought possible!

Valentina’s popularity as a teacher I am sure, is down to a wonderful balance of expertise and practical knowledge alongside unbridled kindness and passion - a rare combination.

I’ve been on a number of retreats now, and would recommend Valentina’s classes to anyone, whatever stage of wellbeing journey they are at!"

Kirstie, Manchester

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