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Yoga and Pranayama Retreat

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Surya Retreat, Fuerteventura
2020 Dates coming soon!
Jigyasa Shiv + Azulfit team
From 835 euros

The sun is shining on our paradise island, so why not join us to learn, laugh and grow.  Dive into your yoga adventure, on our exciting Pranayama retreat. Learn life-changing breath techniques for improved vitality and vibrancy!

Last Minute yoga retreat offersRight from the moment we are born to the moment we leave this earth, our Breath is the one thing that stays with us.

Mastering your breath is an essential part of having a healthy, happy and balanced Life. “Breath” is the bridge between mind & body, so by utilising proper breathing techniques one gets mastery over the mind. This leads to a joyful and peaceful state for a vibrant and healthy life.

In these busy times, we don’t have the luxury to go to breathwork classes each day, but we can always learn the same and create a Home-practice.

Pranayama is the conscious awareness of breath; the life-force that fuels the body and mind. It's an art of expanding our vital energy. A daily practice of Pranayama consists of different breathing techniques which help you relax and rejuvenate at the same time.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to Pranayama and its role in Yoga & Life.
  • Understanding the importance of Breath and ways to Master it.
  • Breathing techniques to enhance energy level, reduce tension, help cure sinus, asthma, blood pressure, thyroid, PCOD, get rid of stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, skin conditions etc.
  • Importance of Pranayama on Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual levels.
  • Designing and creating a viable Home Practice.

The course is perfect for you if:

  1.  you are dealing with any physical or emotional issues.
  2. you have a busy lifestyle but seek balance.
  3. you are good at giving out energy - the carers, the listeners, the givers.
  4. you wish to meditate or enhance the effects of established meditation practice.

With great food, amazing classes, sunshine and all the rejuvenation you need.

About the instructor

Jigyasa Shiv

Jigyasa ShivJigyasa is a Traditional Yoga Teacher and Energy Therapist with a Modern twist. She started practicing Yoga when she was a kid, using the practice as a remedy to help with her health issues. Seeing how the practice worked for her, she has believed strongly ever since in the power of Yoga and Meditation.

Originally born, brought up and trained in India, Jigyasa has been living on the beautiful island of Fuerteventura for a couple of years teaching Yoga and practicing Energy Therapies. Classes/Sessions with her will help you heal your Body, Mind and Soul and connect better with your inner-self. Her classes provide a good mix of Chanting, Pranayama, Asana and Meditation.

Jigyasa strongly believes that Each body is different and dedication can bring in great results.

Yoga Aphorism that Jigyasa strongly believes in is “Ishwarapranidhanadva” meaning “Inner peace can be achieved through complete devotion and surrender (pranidhana) to God or a higher power (isvara)”

About the retreat: 

Each morning you will wake up and enjoy a flowing yoga or Pilates class. Our world-class teachers guide you throughout the week and encourage you at every step, to get the most out of your practice. Jigyasa will lead workshop-style immersions on breath work to take you deeper and give you the tools you need for a lifetime of health and happiness.

Join us for delicious, hearty vegetarian brunches after class. Our nutrition advisor, Jo, has lovingly created menus and dishes that will delight the palate and satisfy the tummy. From fresh bread to seasonal fruit salads, delicious hummus, to tofu scrambles and gluten-free pancakes, our brunches are the highlight of the day... until dinner time, that is!

The pranayama course will be lead across two days between morning and evening sessions. The rest of the weekdays are yours to rest, enjoy massages, lounge by the pool or explore the stunning island beaches.

Light lunches are provided daily for you to enjoy by the pool, beach, or in our beautiful sun filled courtyard.

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Each evening we alternate between restorative yoga sessions, Pilates , meditations or yoga nidra.

A lovely evening meal awaits you after your practice to revitalise you for any excursions you may have planned for the next sun filled day in paradise.

The week offers a chance to immerse in your practice, and go deeper.

You will recover from stress and gently come back into your body. You can connect with other like minded guests, or spend time on your own by the pool, reading, enjoying massage or walking on our stunning island beaches.

This special Pranayama course is a 100 euro supplement to our normal prices for the additional workshops and class time, please contact us for more information!

Private sessions for Jala Neti, a simple yet effective nasal passage cleanse (Yogic Kriya) can also be pre-booked in advance at an extra cost.

Prices include:

  • Seven nights in our 'Relax and Revitalise' rooms
  • Our full program of classes, workshops and meditations (2 daily)
  • Daily deluxe brunches prepared with love & care
  • 5 Delicious vegetarian evening meals designed to improve your vitality
  • An inclusive, healing full body massage
  • Finest quality mats & equipment (PVC free)
  • Wifi (choose to connect or disconnect)


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