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Tai Chi

What is tai chi chuan?

For those unfamiliar with tai chi chuan (often known simply as ‘tai chi’ in the West), this is a secular art that gently exercises the body and the mind. Regardless of culture or religion, its practice contributes positively to your health, longevity, self-defence, lucidity and spiritual growth.

Paco BorgesAlthough there are many forms of tai chi chuan with different focuses and purposes, all include a rhythmic sequence of movements. These movements are sometimes slow and gentle, sometimes fast and strong, but technique is always emphasised over strength.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, disease occurs when there are blockages in the free movement of energy along the meridians of our body. Like acupuncture, tai chi chuan with its gentle and harmonic movements contributes to relax the joints, dissolve chronic blockages and restore the free energy flow. This helps to prevent and even cure illnesses of all kinds, such as hypertension, rheumatism, asthma, gastritis, insomnia, migraine, depression, circulation problems and anxiety… disorders that conventional medicine considers ‘incurable’.

You can practise and enjoy tai chi chuan no matter how old you are and whether you have prior knowledge or not. However, if you aspire to appreciate and enjoy its wonderful benefits, you’ll have to practise it precisely and on a regular basis.Tai Chi holiday, Canary Islands, Spain

Tai chi chuan has become popular for its stress-relieving and health-boosting effects. With the focus on the flowing movements your mind is completely in the present and becomes calm and clear. For this reason tai chi chuan is often referred to as ‘meditation in motion’. This is a highly effective way to reduce stress and promote healing and optimum health in the body.

Many other martial arts’ practitioners become combative and aggressive along with the practice, while tai chi chuan helps its practitioners to develop a clear, calm and peaceful mind, so as to become a better person.

Tai chi chuan at Villa Azul

Tai Chi class FuerteventuraDuring your stay with us at Villa Azul you will have the opportunity to get started in the art of tai chi chuan yang style. You will feel the good energies in Villa Azul filling you with vitality from the very beginning of the experience.

Our small class sizes mean our passionate and dedicated instructor, Paco, can give you personal attention and the best care possible.

Azul has tai chi chuan classes during our regular retreat weeks (along with yoga, Pilates and meditation classes) providing you with the perfect opportunity to learn about this ancient form. Please contact us for more information or book now.

We also host special tai chi retreat weeks. Please contact us for more information and to register your interest.