More than a retreat, this is your journey

Erika Franciosi

Erika believes that yoga is a very powerful instrument for the purification and strengthening of the body and mind. Yoga allows us to reach a balance and harmony with our lives, and with the world around us. Yoga is a vehicle which allows us to live up to the full potential of our consciousness.

Erika also believes in the effectiveness and benefits of Pilates practice, for rehabilitation and strengthening. She sees how complementary the yoga and Pilates methods are, and when used together they allow us to use our bodies to their full potential, strong, flexible and free from injury.

Erika loves cooking and believes in the spiritual value of food – she knows that nourishment for body and soul are interconnected. For Erika, vegetarian food is the only way to grow, following the path of yoga to a more spiritual, healthy life.

Training & qualifications

  • Hatha yoga teacher training – Patanjali International Yoga Foundation
  • Advanced and classical Hatha Yoga, pranayama, mudra & bandhas with Master Jitendra Das, Rishikesh India
  • Postural Pilates Academy, Certified Teacher, Torino Italia
  • Fitness instructor