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Lærke Heilmann

Lærke brings her passion for dance, fitness and healthy living to the Azulfit  team with a quiet confidence and ease. Her background is in ballet and modern dance having studied for years in both Denmark & Brazil. In Brazil Lærke had her first experiences with Pilates and saw how beneficial the training was not only to dance but to body awareness. She trained as a Stott Pilates instructor in 2009 and has been sharing her love for Pilates ever since. Since 2009 she has also trained and taught pre and post natal pilates, breast cancer rehab, stability ball, flexband and other Pilates equipment courses. In 2013 she qualified to teach Reformer Pilates and ballet fitness barre.

Lærke’s dance background has given her the ability to create flow and fun in her challenging classes. Laerke also believes in awareness and teaching to the body in front of you, as ‘working with a group of people always includes surprises and situations that you can´t prepare for.’

Her classes are a mix of technique, cuing, fun and sweat. Her classes are energetic, include everyone and keeping the focus on doing the exercises with correct form.

Lærke grew up in the Danish country side with parents who aimed to be self-sufficient, her mother teaching her about cooking organic, vegetarian food from a young age. At 18 she started working in a organic and vegetarian restaurant. Her passion for healthy living grew; she worked in raw food kitchens and has been inspired by vegetarian cuisine ever since. ‘I love how food and cooking is a form of a creative expression and how you as a chef can expand people’s horizon to new tastes and ways of living a healthier life.’

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