More than a retreat, this is your journey

Lisa Willoughby

Lisa practised her first yoga class in 2010. She worked as a stylist in London, complete A type personality. Her work & social life was hectic & deprived herself of sleep & self care. Her yoga practise was the first place she felt truly content.
She was searching for a change, she took part in a 30 day challenge in the hope to lose weight & managed to develop healthy habits, drinking more water, making better food choices & quality sleep In 6 months dropped from a dress size 14 to 8, 78kg to 56kg!
Looking better was just a bonus. she felt incredible, an upgraded version of herself  & felt more in tune with what really mattered. In 2011 she attend her first TT;  this lead to numerous teacher trainings. Learning & keeping up to date is an absolute must, she believes in mastering the craft.
Organically she combined her love for teaching with travel, Teaching on location in New York, San Fransisco, Toronto, Vancouver, India, Italy, Thailand & Spain.
In 2018 she co-founded Willoughby Wellness with her husband Adam. A husband & wife expert team on health, fitness, & nutrition. Together they have over 22 years experience in the fitness industry. They believe wellbeing isn’t just training & eating well but how you live, think & respect yourself & others
“The best asset we have to contribute to the world is ourselves. We must fully engage & look after ourselves physically, mindfully & spiritually to make our highest contribution.”
2011: 12 Week Hatha Yoga Training
2014: 200 hour Vinyasa Training Fierce Grace
201:  Immersion training Yoga On the Lane
2018: Jason Crandell 300 hour Advanced Alignment based vinyasa
2018: Sally Kempton Meditation course

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