More than a retreat, this is your journey

Luisa Cuesta


Luisa is a Natural Therapist and Reiki Master, as well as a teacher of life energetics and nutrition, but began her studies in this field as a biologist trained in health. Since then she has devoted her research and professional experience to passionately working with people, taking good care of their health: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Her focus is Shakti energy, feminine energy, inhabiting the body and grounding. I teach yoga Shakti flow, embodiment coaching to women, and offer fertility massage and facilitate menstrual cycle awareness workshops. I also offering a women’s gathering every New Moon.
I also offer sacred sound shamanic journey to connect with the roots of Mother Earth; guided with my instruments (shamanic drum, singing bowls, flute…) and my voice.

Her beliefs and practice flow stem from the idea that balance between body, mind and spirit is essential for good health and when health problems and pain are present due to an imbalance, one must go to the source of the problem to solve the symptoms. Luisa is fully trained in a wide range of manual therapies such as Shiatsu, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Thermotherapy, Moxibustion, Sotai-Ho and relaxing and balancing massage.

She is a sensitive and compassionate teacher and also extremely knowledgeable about many forms of nutrition and cooking, and also offers cooking workshops.

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