More than a retreat, this is your journey

Azul knew who I could be before I did & I left the person I always wanted to be

Jo, Frauke, Valentina, Luisa, Erika & H. Thank you does not cover the gratitude I have for all of your hard work and true loving kindness that you put into Azul. I came as a solo traveller – my first retreat! – full of the usual trepidation of not knowing what to expect, but these worries were diminished as soon as I met the team and walked into the lush oasis that is Azul. Everything here has been crafted with complete love, from the décor, the food (imagine all of the photos from healthy cook books you’ve lusted over being placed in front of you every night! Jo is a magician with her creative dishes and they are completely accommodating to any intolerance so you never feel strange or different) and the atmosphere they create. Every instructor and employee of Azul has left an irreplaceable imprint (Pilates imprint!) on my heart. I didn’t realise you could feel such love and honest care from strangers and they helped me fully realise the person I’ve always wanted to be. At Azul you can take it as relaxed or energetic as you like. I can guarantee you will never feel sensory numbness, I was constantly learning. The nutritional seminars with Jo are highly recommended and I was introduced to the realm of Ayurveda in a practical every day way which I have now incorporated into my life. Every yoga or meditation session went way beyond my expectations and became such a beautiful experience, if I tried to explain the feeling it would sound like a cliché but through both Valentina and Frauke’s enchanting ways they teach you how to reconnect with the world and yourself and the beauty of simplicity. Valentina is the most special yoga teacher and makes you feel like you are the only one in the room no matter your level. By the end of the week I was doing things I could never imagine! Both pilates and yoga are taught with such knowledge but mostly the time zooms by and you feel uplifted by every session. All classes are suited to beginner to advanced as the teachers home in on everyone as an individual and ensure you get the most of your class. Before I’d even walked out the door to go home Id booked to come back! Azul and my Azul family are so special to me. You will find yourself … and your pelvic floor.

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