More than a retreat, this is your journey

My time at Azul: special, healthy, happy, healing and complete!

Dear Liz, Claire, Valeria, Andrea, Sara, Adele and Emma,

Thank you all so much for making my time at Azul so special, healthy, happy, healing and complete!!!

Liz – you are so great at what you do. You immediately made me feel welcome and relaxed! Your unique mixture of fun, easy-going and confident is truly special! Don’t ever change!

Valeria – your food was to die for! But made me never want to die so I could keep eating it forever! Thank you for the blanket – you are such a sweet caring person, but also so strong!

Claire – you’re a wonderwoman! Best, best, best of luck with the Saharan race and with Prince Harry! Your food was also dreamy and divine!

Andrea – thank you for breakfast and all your help!

To the teachers – you guys were an amazing balance! Some of the best teachers I’ve ever had! Keep on keeping on!

Lots of love

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