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Yoga Beats Conflict: A Peace Movement

If you have ever experienced yoga, the you will understand its incredible power of positive change. 

“On an individual level, we have to welcome change in order for it to happen and, as I have seen first hand, yoga can be that chink of light at the end of life’s tunnel. A source of confidence and awareness that another way of being is possible. Once the shift starts to happen (within the self) we see that collectively change and lasting peace are possible within our communities.”

David Sye

yoga-gaza-stripYoga has the ability to heal and bring change even in the most challenging situations. 

Yoga Beats Conflict is the premier yoga form for conflict resolution available in the world today. This non-profit work of David Sye and his Yoga Beats Conflict team is recognised by his Holiness the Dalai Lama and has already helped thousands around the world.

This November, Azulfit is working together with David Sye to enable 25 Palestinians to complete their Yoga Beats Conflict Teacher Training at Azulfit in Fuerteventura.

yoga-studentsThis training has been specially developed by David Sye over his years of living and teaching in conflict zones, working with people suffering from trauma, PTSD, low self-esteem and the ongoing stress and challenges of living in a war zone.

When in Palestine with David, I saw so much energy, desire, intelligence, generosity and heart. I also saw much confusion, disorientation and suffering. Today is the time to share this wondrous thing we call Yoga to a new generation of people who can themselves offer a new opportunity to their people.

Sama Fabian

david-sye-sama-fabianThis training will bring change not just to the lives of these individuals, but to entire communities, as the teachers go back home to guide and support their students to greater health, healing and peace.

David and Sama are giving their expertise of over 50 years teaching yoga for free. Azulfit has donated our retreat center, staff team and all meals to the cause.

To make sure the students are able to get to us, we have been fundraising and calling on the support of the yoga community to raise the funds for flights. We are so grateful to everyone who has supported the cause so far.

With just a couple of weeks to go, we are having a last push to raise the remaining 2,000 euros by having a raffle. The full cost of your raffle ticket will go directly to bringing 25 Palestinians over to Fuerteventura to complete their training with David Sye and his Yoga Beats Conflict teacher training.

Yoga Beats Conflict Raffle