More than a retreat, this is your journey

About Azulfit

As the founder of Azulfit, I have always been passionate about offering our guests the best experience possible. Our teachers are respected internationally and of the highest standard, and most importantly, genuinely love what they do.

Whether new to yoga or Pilates, or an advanced practitioner, our teacher’s talent, warmth and passion will ensure that you are challenged and guided along your journey, on the right path, at a pace, that’s right for you – from the very first step. Azulfit is also passionate about its mission of service and helping others, please visit our Beyond the Mat page to find out more.

The Azulfit in-house team

Jamie Isaac

Master Pilates Teacher
Southern California Retreat


Jamie Isaac believes in the power of mindful movement to change the world. Really.

As a surfer, yoga lover and Classical Pilates aficionado, Jamie founded Azulfit & Fluid Art Pilates Studio to share his passion with those who are ready to take their next conscious step toward vibrant health. Changing the world takes energy, clarity and inspiration, and Jamie makes sure his students have more than they need so they can be a shining example to others of what is possible.

Jamie is a Peak Pilates Master Instructor, 2nd Generation Master Pilates teacher and is one of the world’s first specialist Pilates retreat teachers, having designed and taught Pilates retreats for 9+years.

Jamie loves nothing more than supporting and celebrating the transformations of his students… except maybe playing with his awesome kids.

As an eternal student passionate about the method, the learning journey continues.

For more information on Jamie please see

See upcoming speciality retreats and teacher training with Jamie.

Jo Dombernowsky

Pilates Teacher & Nutrition Advisor
Surya Yoga & Pilates Retreat
Jo Dombernowsky

Jo Dombernowsky is in charge of the menu at the retreat and inspires us all with her ability to make really healthy food taste really good. Having studied nutrition for many years, Jo knows the power of food to improve health, energy and wellbeing and prepares her meals to do exactly that. She loves to pass on her knowledge and passion for food throughout the retreat and in her workshops and nutrition weeks.

Originally from Denmark, Jo is quickly becoming the Canary Island’s go to expert on all things nutrition and you may catch her being interviewed on the radio. She has successfully campaigned to improve nutritional education within schools, and is experiencing widespread support for her amazing cookbook, ‘Truly Healthy, Truly Delicious‘.

Jo is also an advanced practitioner and inspiring instructor of Stott Pilates. Her classes focus strongly on understanding correct form, body awareness and body synergy, giving students the understanding and skill to progress in their Pilates safely and quickly.

Jo’s passion for fitness and overall wellbeing shine through in all that she does, and we are delighted to have her as part of the team.

For more information on Jo, please visit her website

Training & Qualifications

  • RYS 200 – 200 Hr Yoga Teacher diploma Gayatri School of Yoga
  • Stott Pilates MAT-plus instructor (mat work, fitness-circle, flex band, arc-barrel)
  • Nutritionist & Dietician- “Dietetica y nutrición” ISMET -Instituto Superior de Medicinas Tradicionales, Barcelona
  • Author of ‘Truly Healthy, Truly Delicious’
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Rachel Blunt

Head Yoga Teacher
Surya Yoga & Pilates Retreat
September Yoga Retreat
Rachel discovered her love and passion for yoga many moons ago during her previous life as a Youth and Community ‘Street Worker’
With a life long love of sport and being active Rachel found that Yoga not only made her feel amazing physically but it did something magic to her mind and gave her the tools she needed to cope with the pressures of her job. It wasn’t long before yoga became her full time passion and full time career choice! It became clear that being a yoga teacher and youth worker had many similarities… Supporting and guiding people to explore and develop their full potential!!
Rachel loves to encourage playfulness and wonder within her yoga practice, her classes and life. She has been teaching full time since 2006, hosting her own retreats and exploring the world. Rachel is from The Midlands in the UK, she has recently spent 18 months in India and is now enjoying the calm and peaceful lifestyle in beautiful Fuerteventura and loving teaching at Azulfit.
You can expect to practice anything from Hatha to Vinyasa to Yin to Partner Yoga and all with a few giggles along the way.
Training and Qualifications
2006 Hot Hatha  9 week intensive Los Angeles, California
2012 200hr YogaAlliance YogaHaven yoga training, Vinyasa Yoga, Morocco
2013 Adapted Yoga with Matthew Sanford, Yoga Alliance London
2014 Acro Yoga Elementals with Bonnie Argo, Yoga Alliance London
2014 Yin Yoga with Norman Blair, Yoga Alliance London
BA Hons Degree in Youth and Community
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Valentina Parmigiani

Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Surya Yoga & Pilates Retreat
Valentina Parmigiani

Valentina is an inspiring teacher, and blends classical Hatha Yoga adapted for all levels with vinyasa yoga to make classes fun, challenging and inspiring. She connects with each and every student and her warm, open demeanor allow her to really see what each student needs.

Having trained using ancient Indian methods learned in her various studies all over the world. Classes with Valentina improve agility, muscle tone, strength, flexibility and breath control.

Valentina believes in yoga’s physical and mental benefits, providing a holistic harmony in our bodies through asanas and pranayama. This helps to promote a balance between the nervous system and endocrine system, then directly influencing all organs in the body, providing an improvement in overall health and wellbeing.

Valentina loves living and teaching yoga in Fuerteventura where she can surf, kitesurf and body board, and feel the benefits of her yoga practice through improved coordination and flexibility, and sees that yoga improves self confidence and helps us feel connected. She strongly believes in yoga as a way of life, which can only be learned through experience.


  • Advanced training with Matthew Sweeney – winter 2016
  • Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training with David Life and Sharon Gannon, completion: July 2014
  • Advanced training with Matthew Sweeney – spring 2014
  • Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher training at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation with Master Jitendra Das, Rishikesh, India
  • Teacher Training Course in ‘Yoga Flow’ including Ashtanga sequences and special postures for levels from Beginner to Advanced, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka
  • Teacher training at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation, Classical Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Mudra & Bandhas with Master Jitendra Das, Rishikesh, India
See upcoming speciality retreats with Valentina

Charlotte Mulvany

Yoga Instructor & Azulfit General Manager
Surya and Lotus Retreat

Charlotte started her journey with us as a young yogini and volunteer in 2012, a six month experience which quite literally changed her life. Having learned a new, simpler way of living, she committed to return to London, a place she had previously turned her back on, to continue a career in Media which she had once tried to escape. Her time away from her ´life´ had taught her that she wasn’t defined by a place, a job, or her things, and that she always had a choice. Yoga became her compass, an internal light which when strong will shine through even in the big smoke. Rooted in this knowledge, she found a way to balance her career and her wellbeing, until she realised that wellbeing could just as well be her career!

And so Charlotte came back to Fuerteventura and to the Azulfit family in 2016, to lead our beautiful team as our General Manager and Yoga teacher.

She sees her job as quite simple; to help to make the Azulfit dream a reality- creating an environment in which our team and our guests can meet their greatest potential. Through care, support, positivity and passion inside and outside of the studio we can grow and thrive, and find the inner peace and happiness that is our true nature.

Yoga Qualifications

200 HRs Teacher of Yoga, International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre 2012

100 HRS Yin Yoga and Mindfulness 2017

See upcoming speciality retreats with Charlotte

Gary Solomon

Customer Service & Business Manager

Gary left his corporate job in the UK to join the Azulfit team, adding his much-welcomed experience working for a large UK tour operator to the Azul mix. Gary was instrumental in launching the Lotus Lodge and has supported this venture to grow into the much-loved beach holiday that it is today.

Not just a quick mind, Gary loves cycling, triathlons and SUP. He can often be found out on his bike or catching some waves on his paddleboard, making the most of the beautiful island that he now calls home.

Gary is a real team player and helps with many aspects of the Azul experience, always bringing a healthy sense of humour and c’est la vie attitude, to keep things light whilst getting things done.

Karissa Isaac

Azulfit co-founder, All around team player
Southern California Retreat

A geneticist by training, Karissa is a strong believer in a holistic approach to wellbeing and the benefits of Pilates and yoga. She put her passion for holistic health into setting up Azulfit along with Jamie, and works to make sure that all guests get the most out of their Azulfit retreat. Karissa is a reiki practitioner and is following her love of healing and holistic wellbeing.

Karissa is currently residing in California, USA with her young children, to be closer to family. Together with Jamie they have set up a teacher training center (Azulfit California), offering teacher trainings and retreats, events and workshops. Although she is missing the Fuerteventura lifestyle and especially her Azulfit family, Karissa loves the water and is a former America East record holder in the 200 Butterfly. You can still find her in the water, encouraging her little ones in all things water based! She is currently studying Ayurveda with the Dogwood Botanical school of medicine.

You’ll find Karissa behind the scenes working on our website, booking systems, marketing and working on our amazing location retreats to make sure you have the best Azulfit experience.

Claire Evans

Surya Retreat Manager
Surya Yoga & Pilates Retreat

Claire has an amazing all-round background, having owned and run a successful business in the UK for many years. She has extensive experience in hospitality and her skills and beautiful and warm personality make her a perfect fit for our team.

She moved to the island with her husband for the lifestyle and she loves to share her knowledge and support to our guests. She loves diving and spends her free time on the island exploring the ocean, advocating for animals, camping with her husband and taking care of her two dogs, who share her love of outdoor lifestyle, healthy eating and natural living.

Her goal is to run the Marathon de Sables, a six day ultra marathon in the Sahara desert.

Helen Clough

Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Lotus Retreat

From a young age I danced, which led to a professional dance career travelling the world, achieving my dreams in my very early twenties. A shift in personal circumstances led me back to the UK where I fell into a corporate world taking up a senior management role where I remained for over ten years. During that time, my mind yearned for a place to disconnect from the stresses of living in such a yang world and the high intensity stresses of my work environment. Having always been a gym bunny, and enjoyed Pilates throughout my dance career and with my background I have always been fascinated by how incredible the human body is. I was always drawn to yoga, knowing the benefits for mind body and soul, but just couldn’t quite find the perfect place and time. As with most things in life, it came to me, and found me at the right time. Finally, in Manchester, I had found a place to reconnect to my body on a much deeper level than I could ever have anticipated. I hadn’t connected to my body in such a freeing, liberating, creative, fun and playful way since my dancing days. I particularly loved vinyasa flow, and Jivamukti, and not long after yin and restorative began to seep into my practice. I was hooked, and found myself craving more and more, always with a thirst for knowledge, my mind wanted to know more about Yoga and it’s fascinating history, until finally after my teacher convincing me I was ready I signed up to a teacher training, here in Fuerteventura with Andrea Everingham at Azulfit. What a location, the whole experienced was truly first class and incredible. It wasn’t long, and didn’t take very much before my teaching days came back to me like they were yesterday and became more important to me than my regional manager role. I made the bold move to quit corporate, and move into teaching yoga full time. It was an easy decision for me when a position at Azulfit came up. Having experienced first hand the home Azulfit create, including their beliefs, ethics and professionalism, I instantly knew this was for me. Luckily, they felt I fit too. Arriving back at Azulfit, I felt like I had come home. Now I get to do what I love daily, sharing the beautiful gift of reconnecting to ourselves, with wonderful souls in an incredible magnetic island, and our home in Corralejo, Lotus Retreat.

Inge Spillemaeckers

Host & Administrator
Lotus Retreat

Inge is enthusiastic, open-minded and loves to travel.
Throughout the years she realized that it’s thanks to people & their stories, experience and wisdom that you get to know a place for real. It is truly inspirational to discover a new culture.

Last year Inge visited Fuerteventura and the island pulled her instantly in with its amazing sunsets, gorgeous beaches, extraordinary energy and 3000hrs of sunshine a year. Coming from Belgium the only thing for her to do was to leave her job at the university and pack her bags. ‘It’s been the best decision I’ve made for myself. I really feel that I’ve upgraded my life.’

‘In my free time I love being in and nearby the ocean, hearing the waves crash from my bedroom feels like a true blessing. I am a nature lover who also likes running, volleyball and am currently trying to learn how to surf. I also love to read and am passionate about photography.’

Inge enjoys learning and speaking foreign languages, ‘understanding those little nuances,’ and is happy to be in a multicultural environment which she finds stimulating.
She has worked in Berlin and speaks fluent German. She also lived in Sydney which left a big mark in her heart.

She loves to work with international people with the same point of view on life.
Inge speaks Dutch, German, French and English.
‘Finding Azulfit is a true blessing, I love taking care of people, hosting, speaking several languages at a time and making our guests feel like they’re home. My colleagues are like my family and next to my sweet man, my base in my new built up life. I feel like I finally found my place in this world.’

Tanya Özcerkes

Administrator & Host
Surya Yoga & Pilates Retreat
Tanya Azulfit team

Tanya’s quote is “open your heart, open your mind, and smile ” and likes sharing that welcoming attitude. Starting surfing years ago made her travelling around the world to find a new way of living: being.

Visiting new places, experiencing thrilling adventures and facing the unknown made her grow. I learned that embracing the present, enjoying the simple things and sharing what makes me happy, is what truly nourishes my soul.

Back in Germany she worked 10 years in finances until she took a decision which changed her life 180 degrees. With an one-way ticket she made her way to Fuerteventura to become a surf instructor. When she talks about her experiences you will feel encouraged and motivated to create and realize the hidden treasures on your mind and in your heart.

On Fuerteventura she found a new home, where she lives her passion for surfing, enjoys every bit of the nature, practices Yoga and a healthy life-style.

Valeria Franciosi

Lotus Retreat Chef
Lotus Retreat

Valeria’s passion for nutrition and health shine through in her lovingly prepared meals at the Lotus Retreat. She loves to share her creative vegan cuisine with our guests, and inspire them to get in the kitchen back home.

She is inventive, passionate and attentive and her menus and carefully planned meals will leave you happy, feeling nourished and  most likely wanting to take Valeria home with you!!

She is a yoga practitioner and her love for health and wellbeing shine through in all that she does. She helps host at the Lotus retreat and her island knowledge helps you make the most of your stay. Valeria is mommy of a beautiful baby girl, Kaya, who sometimes pops by to pick up mama and who has been spotted donning her very own baby chef hat.

Heraclio ‘Kani’ Rodriguez Gonzales

Vegetarian Chef
Surya Retreat

Heraclio does everything with care and love and is such a wonderful addition to the Azul team. He is always there to host you with a smile and prepares your meals with love and care.

He is an extreme body boarder and his smile and sense of humour make you feel right at home as soon as you meet him.

Alejandra Saez Gomez

Head Massage Therapist
Surya Yoga & Pilates Retreat

Alejandra is a qualified massage therapist and beauty specialist with over 18 years of experience.

She has been fully trained in a wide range of natural therapies such as the original Thai massage (qualified in Thailand), cupping, foot reflexology (method Ingham) and the Japanese cosmo facelift (qualified in China) as well as Aromatherapy and Moxibustion.

For treatments of the energy field she is also trained in Reiki and balancing chakras.

Johanna Maria Kal

Osteopath and Therapist
Surya Yoga & Pilates Retreat

ohanna, originally from the Netherlands, is our Osteopath D.O., having studied Osteopathy for five years at the prestigious academy of Cedesna, which forms part of the Universidad del Sur (Mexico), in Valencia, Spain.

She has also studied Quíromassage, acupuncture for pain treatment and ear acupuncture, Homeopathy and Ortomolecular Medicine.

Azulfit guest instructors

Lærke Heilmann

Pilates Teacher and Vegetarian Chef
Lotus and Surya Retreat

Lærke brings her passion for dance, fitness and healthy living to the Azulfit  team with a quiet confidence and ease. Her background is in ballet and modern dance having studied for years in both Denmark & Brazil. In Brazil Lærke had her first experiences with Pilates and saw how beneficial the training was not only to dance but to body awareness. She trained as a Stott Pilates instructor in 2009 and has been sharing her love for Pilates ever since. Since 2009 she has also trained and taught pre and post natal pilates, breast cancer rehab, stability ball, flexband and other Pilates equipment courses. In 2013 she qualified to teach Reformer Pilates and ballet fitness barre.

Lærke’s dance background has given her the ability to create flow and fun in her challenging classes. Laerke also believes in awareness and teaching to the body in front of you, as ‘working with a group of people always includes surprises and situations that you can´t prepare for.’

Her classes are a mix of technique, cuing, fun and sweat. Her classes are energetic, include everyone and keeping the focus on doing the exercises with correct form.

Lærke grew up in the Danish country side with parents who aimed to be self-sufficient, her mother teaching her about cooking organic, vegetarian food from a young age. At 18 she started working in a organic and vegetarian restaurant. Her passion for healthy living grew; she worked in raw food kitchens and has been inspired by vegetarian cuisine ever since. ‘I love how food and cooking is a form of a creative expression and how you as a chef can expand people’s horizon to new tastes and ways of living a healthier life.’

Andrea Everingham

Guest yoga instructor

Andrea is the founder of OneYoga Studio in Manchester and a regular contributor to ‘Ask The Expert’ (Manchester Evening News). She combines her many years of experience studying and working with the human body and movement with an in-depth study of nutrition and raw foods and their impact on overall wellbeing. She is also trained in ante- and post-natal care.

She joins the Azul team in the Fuerteventura sunshine with her natural and empathetic teaching style and infectious enthusiasm. Her holistic and sophisticated approach of total body, mind and spirit integration is as accessible to those new to yoga as it is challenging for the more practiced yogi.

Naturally approachable and caring, her passion is to bring the joy and release of yoga to her students. Her captivating, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed approach continues to attract a strong following of committed yogis both in her studio and through retreats across the globe.

See upcoming speciality retreats and teacher training with Andrea.

Elena Benedi

Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Lotus Retreat

Elena believes that yoga is much more than a physical practice and understands the profound transformational benefits yoga can bring. She has helped design the yoga program at the Lotus Retreat and is extremely passionate about your experience. She is certified by the Yandara Yoga Institute, and she teaches Vinyasa and Yin yoga.

She holds a BSc. in Environmental Science, an MSc. in Water Resources Management, and a MA. in Landscape Architecture.

Adan de Miguel

Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Surya & Lotus Retreat
Adan de Miguel Azulfit Yoga Retreat

Adan was raised near Bilbao, in an industrial town called Basauri, in the North of Spain. As a consequence, its not surprising Adan started travelling at an early age. He lived in many places such as Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, Valle de Aran, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, London, Newquay, The Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, India and Sri Lanka. Adan also visited most of Europe, Morocco, Panama and Costa Rica.

Yoga and meditation became his companions during all his travels, also the people he met. When he felt lonely and tired, he rolled the yoga mat out. When he felt loved and euphoric, he rolled the yoga mat out.

He started practicing classical Hatha Yoga in the 90’s, to move into other yoga styles such as Ashtanga Mysore, Vinyasa flow, and Yin Yoga.

Adan began teaching yoga, finding a new life passion, which he is still enjoying it. Adan moved to India, the yoga motherland, to take further education. He has been teaching Yoga in The Dominican Republic, India, Sri Lanka and Fuerteventura.

Adan holds a B.A. (Honors) in Photography and Arts from the University of Westminster, London and became a certified 500 hours yoga teacher through Patanjali Yoga Centre in Rishikesh, India. He also atended Vipassana Meditation retreats and other yoga and/or meditation related workshops.

He also loves surfing which he finds a perfect combination alongside with yoga. Both practises are magnificent tools to deepen the experience of being present in the here and now, promoting physical, emotional and spiritual strength, also incrementing creativity, self awareness and global consciousness.

His classes range from peaceful and relaxing restorative sequences to more energetic, Ashtanga – Vinyasa flows. He emphasis on the quality of the breath, to find harmony and balance in the body, also in life. He is dedicated to helping students become more conscious through connection to breath in movement and in stillness and to enjoy the benefits of yoga in everyday life.

Adan also enjoys singing devotional Indian songs, so don’t be shy if you feel like singing!

Sarah Warman

Guest Yoga Teacher
Lotus Retreat
Sarah Warman Yoga
Sarah was born in the U.K. but is a child of the world. Her passion in life has been to travel, meet new people and experience as much as possible. She has spent most of the last 19 years travelling, living and working in the Caribbean, Italy, Greece, Australia, South East Asia, Spain, East Africa, India, Nepal, Bali and many other countries. Whilst living and working overseas she has gathered varied skills including working in the travel industry in Italy, teaching English for a charity in Nepal, working on an ecological project in Bali, raising funds and distributing shoes for a children’s charity in East Africa, training as primary school teacher, managing restaurants and even had her own cake business in the Caribbean. Her experiences have given her a broad love for the planet, its wonderful people and a better understanding of our interconnectedness. Her favourite thing in life is her love of people and to help them in any way she can to reach their best potential, either through teaching, charity work or simply by listening and trying to accommodate their needs in her job.
It was during her 7 years living in the Caribbean that she began her health and spiritual journey. After running a successful business working ridiculously long hours and not looking after herself enough, she became quite sick. Suddenly her health and vitality became paramount and she began looking at more healthy, sustainable ways of living. She discovered yoga and the power it brings to connect the mind, body, breath and spirit. She also discovered healthier ways of eating through the health food movement that was sweeping the island. Sarah would go on many yoga retreats herself to rejuvenate, when it suddenly occurred to her, why was she going away on holiday to be healthy, why couldn’t it be a part of her everyday life? So she took the plunge and quit her job to go volunteer in various yoga retreats across Spain, including this one, in a bid to broaden her understanding of healthy eating, to increase her yoga practise of 9 years by training as a Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher in India, and to see if she could find a way to make it her lifestyle everyday. She was blessed to discover Azulfit and hasn’t looked back since.

Nicola Thomas

Pilates Instructor

Azulfit welcomes Nicola to the team for specialist retreat weeks. Nicola is a fantastic Pilates instructor, from the UK. She brings a wonderful experience and knowledge to her teaching, with experiences in both Europe and the USA.

Nicola trained classically, in New York, with one of the World’s most respected, authentic Classical Pilates teacher trainings, Power Pilates. From here, she continued her Pilates pathway teaching in prestigious London studios before moving to Fuerteventura.

Nicola discovered the benefits of Pilates after an injury introduced her to the method. Being hyper mobile as well, she almost instantly fell in love with it and the control it gave both her body and mind.

Although originally working in the fashion industry, her passion for Pilates directed her towards taking her teacher training and sharing the joy of this life changing practice. Nicola’s fun and energetic approach to teaching will keep you motivated, whilst her eye for detail and experience will challenge you to take your Pilates to the next level.

She is currently in the UK and has her own beautiful studio at the Hyntle Barn Clinic: Email Nicola

Nicola loves the island lifestyle, and loves spending time with her children when she is not sharing her love of Pilates.

Emma Malarkey

Yoga Instructor
Emma Malarkey

Emma originally came to us from Scotland for a six-month period. She was such a popular instructor that we asked her to stay and happily she agreed, having been won over by island life and the friendly Azulfit team! Clients have been known to return to the island, just for Emma’s classes and her unique and supportive style.

Emma practises and studies yoga extensively in India, experiencing various styles and schools including traditional hatha, tantra, Mysore ashtanga, sivananda, iyengar, hatha vinyasa, and more modern forms such as yin yoga and bikram. She studies extensively all over the world, in order to further her experience and her personal journey with yoga.

Gaining inspiration from her varied experience, Emma has developed her own personal style for teaching. She enjoys leading a dynamic hatha class, with a strong vinyasa influence, rounding off the class by holding postures to create intensity and deep stretching in the body.

Emma’s experience and smiley, enthusiastic nature make her classes challenging, varied and lots of fun. She is currently on the road, but will join us in Europe this summer (2018) for more yoga fun and retreats. You can follow her on Emma Malarkey – YogaLife

Training & Qualifications

  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Rishikesh Yog Peeth RYS 200 Yoga Alliance Certification
  • Trikka School of Yoga – Intensive Hatha Certification
  • Mandala School – Intensive Ashtanga Yoga

Anna Rosar

Power Yoga and Yin Yoga Guest Instructor
Annie Rosar

Annie discovered yoga through the hatha style but has become a talented teacher and practitioner of ashtanga vinyasa flow. Annie integrates a dynamic series aimed at the development of strength (especially lower back and abs) with focus throughout the practice. Having studied ashtanga yoga she utilises the powerful flow of the surya namaskara (sun salutation) A and B from the ashtanga series.

Her main attention is to continuous flow with proper breath, aiming to develop a self-dependant unity of movements and breath under the guidance of the teacher. Annie is a well-respected power vinyasa flow teacher within the professional surfing and windsurfing communities and she is the featured yoga expert in a book about power yoga for surfing.

Annie is committed to her journey with yoga and regularly takes part in courses and workshops with inspirational mentors and world-renowned teachers. We are delighted that she chooses Azul as her base in between her studies, and always look forward to trying and sharing the new things she has learned.

  • 2014: Anusara Workshop with Tara Judelle.
  • 2014: Yin Yoga Therapy with Markus Henning
  • 2012 and 2013: Workshops with Bryan Kest, the founder of power yoga
  • 2011: Safa Fitness Austria – personal training course with Pilates, TRX and nutrition focus.
  • 2009 – 2010: Beyond Ashtanga Yoga with Stefan D. Prowaznik
  • 2005: Ashtanga Yoga Vienna, Shinergy Vienna
  • 1998: Yoga Siromani, Teacher of Yoga, International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre

Elia Bosi

Retreat Chef
Surya and Lotus Retreat

Elia Bosi is a published author and we are proud to welcome him to our Azulfit kitchens. You can see his shining smile at both Lotus Retreat and Surya Retreat and he is always happy to talk to you about his wellbeing journey – from music to self care to his amazing recipes. The room is always more joyful, and more vibrant when Elia is around and we are honoured that this yoga chef has joined our team. Check out his wonderful book, DO IT YOURSELF SACRED MANUAL or purchase it from him on your next Azulfit retreat!

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