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Azulfit cookbooks

The food has always been a real highlight of the Azulfit Retreat experience and head chef Jo Dombernowsky's passion for food and nutrition shine through in every dish she creates. 

More than just recipes, Jo wants to empower people to have a healthier, more satisfying relationship with food. This pure intention, together with the support of the talented Azulfit kitchen team, and feedback of the thousands of people who have been on retreat with us, has resulted in these inspirational and easy-to-use cookbooks.

The original retreat cookbook

Now in its fourth edition

With 100 delicious recipes, mouth watering photos, life changing nutrition advice (including new chapters on gluten and dairy), this book is a must have for those looking to boost energy levels, learn new and exciting vegetarian recipes, and most of all have a little fun in the kitchen. It includes Jo’s inspirational story and her top tips for making healthy, delicious food an effortless part of a full life. Now in its fourth edition, this book makes a great companion to the Azulfit online retreat experience.

Also available as a bundle with Jo’s latest cookbook: Truly Guilt-Free, Truly Delicious (see below for more details and to add to cart)

Please pass on to Jo that since the book, my eating is now totally transformed, as is my kitchen cupboard contents, and I have never been happier or had more energy. A total lifechanger! Thank you Jo.”

The retreat dessert cookbook

Healthy desserts that make you feel good

These delicious dessert recipes are almost 100% gluten-free and vegan and all ingredients are natural. Learn to make cakes and desserts in a very different way with only healthy, nourishing ingredients. Featuring retreat favourites for the perfect sweet treat.

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