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Welcome to an online oasis for movement and health that brings a ray of sunshine to your day.

Retreat any time! Pilates, yoga and sunshine live in your living room. Roll out your mat with us, on your schedule! Choose from a variety of yoga and Pilates classes, guided by our expert team, with all lengths and levels to suit your needs. Workouts, healthy recipes, relaxing meditations, and lifestyle videos to support you on your wellbeing journey. One day, one movement at a time. 

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February 2024 - New

This month we’re adding more videos to our popular series: 
  1. Pain Free
  2.  If You Only Have 30 minutes
Pain Free targets different areas of the body not only helps support in reducing pain but also teaches you modifications that allow you to practice. 
If You Only Have 30mins is led by Charlotte and is a great way of getting maximum benefit from short amounts of time, with both stronger and more relaxing classes available. Enjoy the growing library and join us live if you can…

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Daily practices to inspire 

Stay inspired! Play, learn, laugh and grow with our experienced instructors as they share fun workouts for all levels, with beautiful retreat backdrops – all designed to keep you motivated, bringing a ray of sunshine in to your daily life. 

Expert Azulfit team

A community of amazing instructors at your finger tips

Our team of experts guide you through inspiring workouts, recipes and health tips. With classes of all lengths and levels. Enjoy the same compassionate and friendly instruction you had on retreat, or introduce yourself to a new teacher to help keep you inspired and engaged! 

Variety & progression

A variety of sessions and tips, from beginner to advanced

Select from a carefully crafted catalogue of inspiring workouts, designed to challenge, whatever the level of your practice, or favourite style. Choose to meditate, or flow through a vinyasa class. Or why not strengthen your core with a short Pilates challenge?

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