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Seva - Azulfit's mission

At Azulfit, we do everything from the heart, because when you do things with love and care, true and lasting connections are made. We also believe in the power of mindful movement, to change the world.

The practice of Pilates and yoga helps to feel better, and connects us with our highest potential, and allows us to recognise we are all connected – and as such, we must serve one another to raise our collective ‘vibration’.

The concept of Seva (selfless service) is an essential part of the devotional practice of yoga. This also builds strong bonds within communities and Azulfit’s goal is to spread yoga, Pilates and community as far and wide as we can, to match the beautiful and diverse students, guests and team that we have.

Azulfit supports the following charities and projects:


World Central Kitchen

We love to support WCR as they respond to disasters and pop up in areas of greatest need. From Palestine to Puerto Rico to the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine, our dinners to support WCR have raised thousands to date.


We are currently supporting Unicef as they provide on the ground support for relief efforts worldwide.


Play and Train

We are in our 4th year of supporting this amazing island initiative. Offering adaptive surf programs, and state of the art facilities for families with accessible sports, adapted bathrooms and expert support this amazing organization provides life-changing programs to those with disabilities and special needs. Water, beach, cycling and cultural activities are offered. This mission is close to our hearts and to date we have raised nearly 9K for this charity with the support of our guests.

Fuerteventura Dog Rescue

Fuerteventura Dog Rescue exists to help the many homeless and abandoned dogs found on the Canary Island or Fuerteventura. As well as raising money to support sick and injured dogs on their journey back to health and happiness, the charity aims to re-home all dogs where possible with new foster or adoptive families. Azulfit are very proud to support this local charity on the island where we are based.

La Caja de la Pequeña Silvia

In June 2020, the "Poor Children's Fund Fuerteventura" became the non-profit association under the name "Caja de la pequeña Silvia". Powered by volunteers, this charity provides needed food, supplies and medical support to children and families in Fuerteventura.
Named after Silvia, a strong and cheerful little girl, facing childhood cancer. With bravery, laughter and friendship she faced the cancer, and ultimately did not win her fight. The foundation is dedicated to the memory of this amazing child, so that her story can help others.

Next partner coming soon...

Please reach out to us, if you are a local Charity in Fuerteventura with a mission to make the world a better place!


Trussell Trust

Supporting a nationwide network of food banks they provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty, and campaign for change to end the need for food banks in the UK. Together with the amazing Rachel Blunt, we have raised 5K of our 6K goal for the Trussell Trust to date in 2023.

Give Back Yoga Foundation

Yoga is a tangible tool for transforming human consciousness. The experience of yoga is to go beyond separateness, alienation, and diversity and fully recognise the fundamental unity of the universe and the underlying connectedness among all beings, communities, nations and religions. Give Back Yoga Foundation brings yoga to veterans, at risk youth, those recovering from eating disorders, and prisoners and uses yoga as a tool for change. Yoga takes us from “self-centered” to ”community-centered” and beyond. Give Back Yoga believes we can pass the gift of yoga, one person at a time, thus empowering individuals and building communities, and helping to reduce suffering in this world. We participate in an annual fundraising event to help support their various initiatives.


Khusi Hona

To break the cycle of poverty, education is the key. The women’s empowerment program is designed for disenfranchised and unemployable women to come and learn new skills through training, employment, and business development. The foundation of this program is to build confidence, foster initiative, and create true empowerment for local women. We have supported this program since 2018 and continue to support the organization and individual program graduates, who go on to start up their own tailoring businesses.

"This program has provided the golden chance for me and the women in my community to not only survive, but to thrive."
Nazia Sayyed
Khusi Hona Tailoring Teacher