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Azulfit Announces New Surya Yoga Retreat Location in Fuerteventura, Spain

August 17, 2016 – Fuerteventura, Spain – The pressures of everyday life in a modern world seem to be growing.  We all try and find ways to take a break and find rejuvenation at home, but as we all know it can be hard. The constant demands of life pull attention away from relaxation and back into ‘reality’, and deadlines and work keep us in constant motion.  Azulfit understands this and is committed to creating experiences and holidays that provide respite from modern stresses and providing solutions and support, to their guests and community, to sustain healthy practices when they return home. Azulfit are really excited to announce their new Surya Pilates and yoga retreat near Fuerteventura, Spain.

Azulfit began as a labour of love for master Pilates instructor, Jamie Isaac and his wife Karissa. He believed that mindful movement and balance are essential to discovering a vibrant, healthy lifestyle. Since its founding, Azulfit has grown to include many different disciplines, including yoga, meditation, nutrition, Tai Chi, and more.

The Azulfit offering includes a series of retreats at their new Surya yoga retreat in Fuerteventura, Spain. The retreat is open year-round, and guests may choose to stay as little as a week, with an option to extend the stay for several weeks at a time. The retreat experience is designed with the guests in mind and they can choose:

  • Complete Retreat: This retreat is a journey of self-exploration. Participants engage in yoga and Pilates, mixed with new meditation techniques that can be carried back home. The focus of the retreat is to start a dialogue between mind and body towards attaining harmony, both within oneself and with the environment.
  • Detox Retreat: Chemicals and preservatives from food or the world around us leave toxins in the body that affect mood and brain function and make us feel slow, tired or prone to illness. The detox retreat teaches guests how to prepare cleansing foods at home, whilst combining the onsite detox with cleansing movement and exercise.
  • Jivamukti Yoga Retreat: The Jivamukti Retreat takes more experienced yoga students and introduces them to advanced yoga techniques. The retreat focuses on the power of movement in yoga and seeks to restore body and mind health.
  • Pilates Retreat: As a certified master teacher and a teacher trainer for Peak Pilates, Jamie invites some of the world’s leading experts to present incredible Pilates immersion weeks. These weeks go beyond just classes and include question and answer discussions and workshops to explore the Pilates method further.

Surya Retreat is a purpose built wellbeing paradise, nestled in Jamie’s favourite village on Fuerteventura. The beautiful retreat is designed in traditional Canarian style and offers pure escape and provides guests a diverse and full weekly schedule of yoga, Pilates and meditation with classes to suit all level of practitioner.and with our team of Internationally respected teachers, every guest can feel like they are working towards their personal goals. The schedule is packed full of amazing classes, yet there is still  ample time to indulge in therapies and exploration of the deserted and dramatic beaches.

The new Azulfit centre has been built with community in mind. “It’s all about creating a space that both staff and guests can find a sense of home in, a place where they feel nurtured and supported.” says Jamie. This is a place where harmony and wellbeing are celebrated and the joys and vitality of a healthy lifestyle are shared. “We know there are a lot of retreats out there these days, but we really wanted to create a space that people could return to and feel like home.”

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About Azulfit

Azulfit are industry leaders in the retreat world, having operated for nearly 10 years and alongside two venues based on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura, have run retreats in Europe and internationally at locations including California, Bali, Santorini and Andalucía, Spain. They offer year round yoga and Pilates weeks, alongside speciality retreats focusing on detox, Ayurveda, Jivamukti yoga, Kundalini yoga, and nutrition.