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Focus on Pilates: leg pull front

For a great full body exercise look no further than the Pilates leg pull front. This exercise particularly helps you to develop a really strong torso by strengthening the core and the muscles between the shoulder blades. It also works your arms and legs and is a great way to establish correct alignment, making sure that neither side drops down as you do the exercise.

The choice of three versions below allows you to work at a level that suits you. Whichever level you choose to work at, make sure you are able to keep the quality.

In the full version of this Pilates exercise, begin in a push up position. Inhale, lift one leg and point the toe. Exhale, shift back towards your feet while flexing the foot. Inhale, shift forward again while pointing the foot. Exhale, lower the leg back so that you are in the starting position. Repeat on the other side.

In this modification, lift both knees off the ground to bring your body into a straight line. Try holding, focusing on the breath and when the quality goes, lowering down. Repeat and try to hold it a little bit longer. Or for more of a challenge try raising one leg.

This is the easiest variation of this exercise and it’s a great starting point for developing your core strength. Keep both knees on the ground, lift the feet off the ground and hold for as long as you can whilst keeping correct alignment. Lower and repeat.

Use the Pilates leg pull front (or one of the modifications) regularly and you’ll be well on your way to great core strength!

About the instructor

Jamie Isaac is a fully qualified Pilates instructor and personal trainer with over 15 years teaching experience. A former international trampolinist and a graduate in Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Jamie is passionate about the positive effects exercise can have on all aspects of life. He is the head instructor and founder of Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat, and the founder of Fluid Art Pilates.