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Azulfit House Safety  Rules

Azulfit are conscientious of your retreat experience and will do our utmost to provide you with a safe, caring, and rejuvenating retreat environment.  

We are providing all the tools and precautions necessary to maintain a safe environment. In addition to our wonderful services already offered, we have in place outdoor classes, safe distancing measures, increasing our cleaning processes across the site. We also have added the provision of hand washing stations and hand sanitizer where you’ll need it, and you will be provided with a mat for personal use during the course of the week.

So that we can ensure the best retreat experience for you, to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, we have outlined some simple rules for you below. This will help us create a safe wellbeing environment for both yourself and our staff team.

We ask that you agree to the following site rules:

1)  I will adhere to any government health mandates that evolve during the course of my stay and follow the staff requests as needed. This may involve reducing class sizes, or shortening class times slightly to accommodate the reduced group sizes. This will always be for your safety and best interests. I agree  where required to wear masks and safely distance.

2) When mask mandates are in effect:I agree to wear a mask during massage treatments, where distancing of 1.5m is not possible or where signage on-site indicates; masks may also be worn for my own peace of mind at any time on site.  Adherence to local masking guidelines plays a critical role in keeping guests and staff safe and healthy. Masking guidance as dictated by alert levels must be followed at all times. 

3) I agree to alert the team if I become symptomatic at any point during my stay and will not attend group activities if I become symptomatic. I agree to respect physical distancing guidance on-site and understand this helps maintain a safe, enjoyable retreat environment. I agree to the temperature screening as required during the retreat week (for example, prior to massage treatment, as local regulations require).

4)I agree to site rules regarding the consumption of alcohol; Azulfit do not sell wine or alcohol but should you choose to purchase your own wine or beer during your stay; you agree to consume them responsibly, and never come to classes or massages intoxicated. This is for your own safety and helps us avoid any contraindicated activities.

5) I agree to be respectful and open-minded. Azulfit provides wellness retreats to help guests de-stress, relax and rejuvenate. My participation and best experience are part of a guest community and as such I will do my part to support and encourage others. 

We can’t thank you enough for helping us and coming together to make a safe, happy retreat experience!

*Should you not be willing to follow any of the above site safety rules, Azulfit reserves the right to refuse services, or in the case of severe infractions / disruptive behaviour, ask that you to leave the retreat.