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Intro to Mindfulness

5-week online course

Develop ease, fulfilment and a deeper connection to yourself and those around you in this experiential course led by Charlotte Mulvany

 Charlotte will lead a small group through this focused training programme, taking us from the fundamentals, towards a confident mindfulness practice. With the support of community (sangha) and a commitment to our practice, we’ll forge a habit that will support us not only on the cushion (or chair or mat!), but most importantly, off the cushion, in our day-to-day life.


Introduction to Mindfulness

Charlotte Mulvany

Online on Zoom

Thursdays in Feb, 7pm GMT / 8pm CEST

1, 8, 15, 22, 29 February

This is a small group adventure for a maximum of 12 people.

Some of the benefits that await...

Reduce suffering

The traditional ‘goal’. Be it stress, difficult emotions, lack of motivation, physical pain, any challenge – meditation can help improve our relationship to all challenges.

Deepen fulfilment

Happiness! It can enhance base level of appreciation, awe, satisfaction and fulfilment across all elements of our lives, including the ordinary moments.

Change behaviour

Meditation helps us change behaviour for the better and supports every other healing modality, so we can stay focused on achieving our aspirations and goals.

Meaning & purpose

It can help us answer the more fundamental questions of life, why are we here? Who am I? Revealing an essential wisdom at heart of all spiritual paths and awaken understanding of what lies within you, access to your highest self.

Develop connections​

Meditation increases empathy, helping to develop our capacity to be with others with an open heart. It allows us to open more fully to the commonality of our humanity, to become a friendly presence in the face of what’s difficult.

As we move through this journey it helps to keep these benefits in mind, so we stay focused, but also open, to the benefits of this powerful practice.

Hello, I'm Charlotte

I’ve been a mindful teacher for about 11 years, practicing for just as long, and have soaked up well over 70,000 hours of formal meditation practice. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’re re-committing to a meditation practice, I hope to MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE, because I’ve been there too.

There’s no better way to master something than by experiencing it, so commitment to this 5-week programme (and some homework in between!) will give you all the information, tools and technique you need to get you up and running with a consistent mindfulness practice.

What can feel effortful at first will feel intuitive and automatic with practice. As a group we’ll be developing the inner confidence to trust our innate wisdom, helping us to benefit from all our experiences, no matter how challenging.

It’s all there for the taking.

I look forward to supporting this part of your journey.

Course outline

Week 1: Connecting, attention & intention + body scan

Learn how to arrive in the present moment with a relaxed attention, and tune into body sensations.

Week 2: Concentration & noting + questions & discussion

Using the breath as an anchor, we learn to steady and settle the mind.

Week 3: Sensory clarity: see, hear, feel

Opening ourselves to the breadth of our sensory experience, we’ll learn a powerful labelling technique See, Hear Feel, to elevate our mindfulness.

Week 4: Receptivity & equanimity + choiceless awareness

A mind that is established in mindfulness is open and receptive, our practice teaches us how to be with things just as they are.

Week 5: Awareness, acceptance & appreciation + discussion & course close

Practice cultivating positive affect by recognizing the goodness of life, with friendliness, kindness and gratitude.

Dates & Investment

This really is an investment in you . It has the power to impact you and your experience of life at every level. 

Join for just €100 euros 

or €75 euros for Retreat 365 members

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Please fill in the form below to apply for a space. The course is offered on a first come, first served basis and is limited to 12 participants. Alternatively you can email us with any questions or to check availability.



    Do you have mindfulness experience? (Any or no experience is fine – we just want to gauge where people are starting from)