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Relax and refocus your spirit with ritual in the run up to Christmas!

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” ~ Buddha 

At Azulfit, we passionately believe in the positive effects of a regular yoga or Pilates practice and self-care or wellbeing routine. As much as making this a year-round routine is the goal, as we leave Autumn behind and begin the run up to the holiday season, Christmas and onwards into 2017, it seems our lives get even busier. The additional stress that comes with the holiday season and end of the year makes finding some time to practice even more important.

christmas-yoga-retreatCreating a ritual, or regular routine, is a great way to develop a regular yoga, meditation or Pilates practice to last. Learning to move mindfully through a set sequence, from one posture to another, whilst focusing on the breath, is a great way to find focus and develop a wellbeing practice, whether it’s yoga, Pilates, mantra, or even meditation. Even developing a routine or ritual around the time and how you set up for your practice can be a great help. The practice may differ each session, but the ritual of preparation will keep you focused and on task each time.


Christmas time and life on a yoga and Pilates retreat share this one common theme – ritual. Many find joy and comfort in the familiar rituals of Christmas, the exchanging of gifts, creating and enjoying special meals with loved ones, and reconnecting with the spirit of giving. Likewise, the rituals associated with attending daily classes, preparing for meditations, or sitting to eat at regular times, are all part of the joy of retreat life and allow you to find a beautiful rhythm, to focus on the important aspects of relaxation, deepening your practice, or rejuvenating. Even the classes, and massage therapies, often follow a pattern and include rituals such as preparing your mat space, or perhaps finishing class with a deep and nourishing Savasana (Lying down on your back to relax as the class finishes).

dsc_0004Many of us recognise ritual as a key part of our Christmas and festive traditions, providing us with the comfort of familiarity whilst allowing us to focus on the important part of celebrating this exciting time of year with our friends and loved ones.

However, with all the festive excitement of buying gifts and entertaining friends & family, it is easy to forget our own needs and end up feeling exhausted by the time the big day arrives!

With that in mind and with less than 6 weeks to the holidays, now is the perfect time to treat yourself to some love and care that will clear your mind and soul from the stresses of this past year, and open new pathways of peace and rejuvenation. Giving yourself the gift of a little YOU time can also be a gift that goes on giving, as you then return home with energy and positivity to pass on well into the festive season and the New Year.

surya%20retreat%20experienceSo as a way to help why not think about incorporating these easy tips into everyday life before the craziness of Christmas, or the holidays arrives and make sure to you are feeling your best whether it’s December 25th or the strike of midnight 2017.

Self-Care Tips

  • Meditation is a great and easy way to improve yourself. While there are many techniques to choose from, they all revolve around calming your mind and focusing internally. Allowing yourself to be one with your mind and body can reenergise you, and reduce stresses from the outside world.
  • Unplugging from technology and getting outside for some fresh air is something you can add to your daily routine. Nature has been proven to reduce blood pressure and muscle tension. Why not take a step outside or for short journeys walk rather than use the car?
  • While we often associate coloring books with children, coloring can be a form of therapy, and can release emotional stress, resolve inner conflicts, and some research has even suggested it can have meditative effects on the mind and body. There’s lots of great adult coloring books available these days.

Reflection and Rejuvenation

If you have the space to take a little more time, spending Christmas or New Year at or on a retreat could be the perfect way to focus on yourself and the positive rituals in your life. It’s the ideal time to reflect on the last 12 months, and set intentions for positive habits in the coming year; like healthy eating, regular yoga / Pilates practice and self-care.

dsc_3084Our specially designed Christmas and New Year retreats, located in beautiful Fuerteventura, will allow you to truly focus on yourself through yoga, Pilates, and meditation, while enjoying several seasonal activities designed to promote living life mindfully and being the very best version of yourself, you can be. Flavorful meals, complete with a special holiday feast, allow you to nurture your body, while you nurture your soul, and breathtaking views complete the experience. 


To learn more about our Christmas Yoga and Pilates retreat, or New Year week please contact Azulfit today and start putting yourself first this holiday season.