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Using technology to relax: Autogenic Training and Progressive Muscle Relaxation app

When it comes to stress, technology is often portrayed as the baddie. Speeding up our lives and connecting us to everything and everyone but ourselves, it’s easy to see why. But the problem also presents a solution and rather than abandoning the technology we can use it in the quest for relaxation.

Autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation appIf you are the owner of an iphone or ipad, apps are a particularly good way to incorporate some relaxation into a technology-filled day. Azul has tried, tested and loved the latest app by app creator and Azul guest Claudia von Lienen.

This app includes two guided relaxation exercises using the proven relaxation techniques of autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation. The autogenic relaxation exercise is 11 minutes long and you are guided in imagining that each part of your body is warm and heavy. It is impressive just how deeply you can relax in 11 minutes using this particular technique and there’s no need to be able to visualise.

The guided progressive muscle relaxation is 15 minutes and involves tensing and relaxing your muscles one by one. It has been found that by first tensing your muscles it is far easier to relax them fully, and again, it is encouraging how deeply you can relax in such a short amount of time.

Just as important as the techniques is the voice guiding you through them. Claudia’s voice is calm and soothing and her background as a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, stress therapist and personal trainer means she has more than a passing interest in the importance of relaxation and its impact on overall health.

As well as creating relaxation CDs and apps, Claudia has her own practice as a naturopath and coach and works freelance in the corporate sector providing stress management training. She also finds time to work as a professional actress, is currently recording an album and has recently produced a film. It is rather encouraging that somewhere amongst all this she has found time to relax, and to help us do it too.

The Autogenic Training and Progressive Muscle Relaxation app is available for download on the itunes store.

Do you use an app that helps you relax? Let us know your recommendations in the comments section.