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Ibiza Elements Yoga Retreat

Calm your mind, expand your heart, nourish your soul. Join Helen for 6 nights of yoga, healing and transformation.

This retreat is managed and offered by our trusted partner and colleague, Helen Olivia. She has led and hosted Azulfit Retreats around the world for nearly a decade, however this is a private ‘Helen Olivia’ retreat.  All enquiries, bookings and arrangements will be done via, Helen Olivia.  


yoga, insight, play, exploration, laughter, community, connection and joy.

Helen Olivia

Ibiza, Spain

21-27 June 2024

A yoga retreat is more than an average holiday – it is an investment in your wellbeing – and health is most certainly wealth. More than that, this time you gift yourself, gives you life in return.

When you take this kind of time for yourself, you create spaciousness in mind and body ~ and within that space is unlimited potentiality – what is yearning within you?

Be it peace and calm, a space of tranquillity, to feel the abundant sunshine and glowing skin, to feel joy and laughter, or release what is keeping you bound, or birth forth new creative expression you’ve been longing to find the space to harness.

I have seen women return from retreat lighter, more empowered, literally youthing, with the confidence to course redirect their lives, to make life changing decisions for the better.

In less than a week, you can light a spark within you that holds unlimited potential. 


Energise & Release

5 Element Theory inspired yoga, insight, play, exploration, laughter, community, connection and joy.

This yoga retreat is not like a traditional yoga themed offering – it is inspired and uniquely delivered through the lens of the ancient wisdom of the Dao and 5 Element Theory – An Eastern philosophy based on the meridian system – your energy body.

Daily programme:

  • Morning yoga 90 min to 2hrs: Pranayama/breathing practice & meditation, vinyasa flow
  • Free time: pool time, have a therapy / massage, hang out on the beach, read a book, hike the neighbouring hills, SUP, explore Ibiza or take a siesta…
  • Local optional activities
  • Evening yoga class 60-75 min relaxing style – Yin / Restorative / Meditation / Nidra

Balance & Flow

Helen will draw on the 5 elements to connect you to your own life experiences, in dynamic morning practices of  Vinyasa including meditation and pranayama (breathwork) and more relaxing evening practices of Yin and Restorative Yoga. This will lead you on a journey through the more subtle aspects of yourself. 


When we learn to see life through the balance of energetics – Yin and Yang – the feminine and the masculine energies – we understand how to find equilibrium and learn to flow through life’s ebbs and flows with more emotional buoyancy, discovering the sweetness of life with gratitude, acceptance and self compassion. 

Meet your teacher

Helen Olivia

My passion is to guide women to re-establish their sense of purpose and passion, choosing a life aligned with their soul, transforming self doubts to self belief.

My teachings come from the heart, enriched by lifes journey of unexpected turns and tribulations, dreams both filled and unfulfilled. The unfolding of my journey has been enriched beyond measure by the knowledge that yoga has gifted me. Lessons I aim to share which I believe guide us back home to ourselves, offering space for much deeper and richer self understanding and personal growth. I’ve learned these practices teach us how to heal ourselves, develop qualities of compassion and understanding of ourselves and those around us. When we show up for ourselves in this way, it ripples out teaching those around us how to be in relationship with us also.

Each time I show up to my mat, the feeling the movement and breath reciprocity gifts me is a deep sense of connection, not only within my body but deep within the callings of my soul. Freedom breathes life back into my soul like a rush of faith, dreams once more in sight, everything again becomes manageable and achievable. To me, it’s the physical expression of heart and soul in motion.

When we arrive here, we are reminded we are worthy. We let go of a need to know the outcome, we remove our expectations as we understand they can become our obstacles, we allow the practice and the flow of life to take the lead and guide us. We step back into trust, and allow the magic to unfold..

By harnessing the energies of each of the 5 Elements – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal – you are able to witness any limitations keeping you bound, connect to your body in new and meaningful ways, discover insight and clarity, move through what is needed and return to lightness, playfulness, abundance and joy. 

Inclusions & Prices

6 nights private accommodation at our luxury retreat villa ‘Maison Enchanted’

All yoga sessions (optional)

Full board deliciously healthy gourmet plant-based meals cooked by private chef
(*with one night to explore the culinary delights Ibiza has to offer)

Welcome detox shot & healthy canapés on arrival

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