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Summer of self care

Boosting energy levels + learning some simple yet effective tools to prioritise their health and wellbeing, are some of the reasons our guests join us for a retreat experience.

What if I said that we don’t have to go on retreat, or do any drastic lifestyle makeovers to start to prioritise our health and wellness goals?

By using some simple practices, and gradually building them into our lifestyle we can make a big difference and create positive routines and habits.

By introducing of a series of incremental positive habits (known as habit stacking) we can increase our energy, improve our mental health and reduce stress – all by starting with just 10 minutes a day. 

Establishing a healthy routine with simple practices will have far reaching benefits on our energy levels and how we feel and show up in the world. By starting with small and attainable steps, we can set ourselves up for success and gradually build our habits and practices from there.

Summer can be a great time to start; we begin new routines, the days are longer so we can add a post-dinner walk to our day, and the temperatures coax us outdoors as the rays of sunlight lift our mood.

It doesn’t have to be summer or a special occasion to start – these practices can be used any time of year.

Here are 3 components to help your wellness:

1. Start the day with a self-care practice

Set an alarm 10 minutes earlier than usual and start the day with a simple ritual. It can be as simple as taking 10 deep breaths, stepping out into nature with a cup of herbal tea and watching the world as it awakens, or doing a short, guided meditation or gratitude practice. 

    Here’s a breathing technique practice that might help get you started (it’s great for anxiety).

    By starting with something for ourselves we can reduce stress and create positive pathways in our brain. The essential ingredient here – is to do this before inviting any technology into our space.  So, phones down and self care + energy up!

    2. Next up – hydrate!

    This essential ingredient is the foundation for the day ahead – if we are hydrated we reduce many of the other issues we might come across such as low energy levels, body aches, headaches, or poor digestion. Hydration is essential to our body’s integral wellness.

    We can finish our self-care practice by drinking a large room temperature glass or water bottle full of water. Starting off with hydration will improve energy, focus, and will even start to help improve skin clarity, and tone. A bonus is that it can also stop some of the unhealthy food cravings we might experience throughout the day. 

    3. Move for energy

    Moving our body stimulates blood flow, creating energy by feeding our muscles with oxygen and nutrients. That’s right!  Movement of any kind can actually give us more energy!

    It doesn’t have to be a full hour of running or cardio either, we can start with a simple 5 minute walk or perhaps 10 minutes of simple movement at lunch time. We can even do some simple exercises at the office – stretching, a short, seated workout to release stiff shoulders, or a few squats at home between those zoom meetings. This is also perfect for those who work from home. This boost of energy will create a positive feedback loop and actually help create the desire to move more. Within 5 minutes of a moderate workout you will probably notice a shift in your mood or outlook and experience more mental clarity and focus.

    You might even start with the intention to do 5 minutes and find yourself adding a few extra reps or going for a longer walk or jog in as your energy rises!

    Here’s a simple short stretch video for you to try (it’s great for increasing energy).

    So let’s start our summer with these 3 simple habits for a few days, then weeks and see if our energy levels, mood and focus improves.

    Give yourself grace if this doesn’t go as planned. Simply start again and remember that life is imperfect – your future self will thank you for giving these simple habits another go.

    We’d love to hear if you’re thinking of kick starting a healthy lifestyle plan. Let us know if these tips help and as always reach out if you have any questions or need support.

    Have a healthy and happy day, now let’s get moving 😉

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