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Your Wellbeing

At Azulfit, we take your wellbeing seriously and want the best holistic experience for you. You are joining us for a week to take care of yourself, to listen to your body and to be honest about what your body and mind need to feel more balanced.

We are here to help you to improve your lifestyle, learn more about healthy nutrition habits, reduce pain and increase your overall wellbeing.

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For this reason we have put together pregnancy wellbeing packages, and private tuition packages for our guests with injuries or special conditions. This will ensure you get attention and advice specific to your condition and will allow you to take the classes at your pace, guided by a knowledgeable and caring staff member. You are welcome to join all group meditations, and join in with group classes where appropriate, but we also want you to have one to one attention, so that you may learn and take the retreat benefits back with you… and keep up the work in your day to day life.

Please contact us if you have an injury, special condition, are in recovery, or are pregnant / post partum. In some cases, we will recommend 1 private class for you to learn contra indicated poses and also poses which are of benefit to you, and to talk more in depth about your condition. Following this, you will be able to join in group classes. The retreat price is as listed, plus the cost of the private class.

In cases of special conditions, your retreat package will be discounted 50 euros from our standard rates, as you won’t be able to join all the classes (dynamic yoga, for example).

Our personalised wellbeing private class package includes five one hour classes, and starts from from 175 euros, depending on the instructor we determine is best suited to work with you. Please contact us with dates you are interested in travelling, and any questions, so we may help you find the best wellbeing package available for YOU.

If you have a special condition, please do speak with a health practitioner before booking a holiday with us.

On arrival, we will ask you to fill in the following form: Conditions_disclaimer