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Soul Power: Interview with Kundalini Yoga teacher Frauke Behrens

I found myself thinking about our incredible teachers and team members, and how the depth of talent throughout the whole team is truly superb.

So, with thoughts of our team of expert teachers and our already sold out Kundalini Yoga retreat week drawing closer, I wanted to share our beautiful Kundalini teacher with you all.

Her name is Frauke Behrens and she not only teaches our Kundalini classes at the villa and leads blissful meditations, but is also one of our wonderful managers.
Her energy is uplifting and her positivity inspiring. I find that even being in her presence can give me a natural caffeine like boost that will last a whole day!
Frauke Behrens Retreat Fuerteventura
Its not surprising that her spiritual name is Baldev Kaur. This means: Princess lion of god who is an angel of energy, full of power and divine strength. Bal= energy, strength and power. Dev=goodness, angel divinity.
Baldev Kaur: An angel with a great strength, energy and power that is used to serve others.

I first met Frauke, whilst I was running a studio in town and she dropped in to ask if she could offer a free class to the community. I can remember being pleasantly surprised, as at the time I had been disappointed with a few self perceived Yoga divas, at their lack of willingness to offer anything to the community.
How refreshing and uplifting that someone could see the value in giving and sharing the beauty of yoga with the world, without ego or expectation.
I was also instantly impressed with her powerful and positive charisma, and when further in the future she joined our team, I knew that all things Azul were going up another notch.

Since then Frauke has not only provided some of our guests with their first experience of Kundalini yoga, but has also been a guide and supporting force in helping many guests to make positive changes in their lives.
So lets meet our favourite princess lion…

Frauke, tell us a little bit about yourself?

Kundalini yoga retreat teacherI am a lovely red headed German lady, living in Spain for over 35 years with two precious daughters and many good friends.
I feel more Spanish than German after all these years and am so happy to form part of the Azul Family.
At the moment I am happy here and I love Fuerteventura, as there are still empty places out in the wild, in nature. I love the Atlantic ocean and I love my dog Flako. I am grateful every day to have what I have (I am not talking about material things) and to be what I am right here and now.
I am not a hundred percent vegetarian because I love Spanish raw ham but my diet is healthy and I try to take care of my physical body. That’s enough at the moment 🙂 My life is full of anecdotes but my idea is to write them down sometimes and to publish a book to make people laugh.

How did you choose Fuerteventura?

After finishing my studies (as a sport teacher) in Germany I was looking for a job in a lovely warm place and found an offer as one of the first entertainers in hotels in Fuerteventura believing that it was Formentera (I had never heard of Fuerteventura).
My surprise that I was next to Africa, and we are talking about 36 years ago! It was a real adventure.

Heading down the beach for morning yoga...
Beautiful dawn in Corralejo

Where is your favourite place on Fuerteventura?

My little beach called playa El Moro. There is nobody there in the early morning hours.

Frauke, you have such incredible energy. From mountain biking, to yoga teaching to managing our beautiful villa, to being active and present within the community, you have such amazing force. Where do you find your incredible energy for life?

Frauke Behrens warrior poseMy family gives me all the power and energy I have. I have four brothers and one sister and there is still a lovely union between all of us. Life has knocked me down several times, but, it also gives me more force and energy,  and my character was always to have an open mind, a big smile on my face and pure energy. I am still biking and running (I need it to burn energy) and I’ve changed my life completely many times . That’s the reason I am here at Azul now. I never fear new things, and I’m not scared about future.

So as an inspiring person yourself, where do you find your inspiration?

My family, my daughters and all my friends. I have always had the right person at the right moment that gave me a hand to go on.

You came to Azul, from working and managing at a luxurious 5 star hotel and spa. Do you see any similarities or positive differences between this and the Azul experience?

At the end humans all have similar problems, in a five star hotel or in a retreat. There is a constant search to be happy or only a terrible need to find somebody to have a conversation. My job was always to be available for guests. I like to listen and always try to help. I am so happy not to have to use my high heels and make up in the morning now though. Now I come to Azul to enjoy, which is much more than just a job – that’s the difference.

How did you come to be interested in wellbeing and yoga?

Beach meditation, Corralejo
I was always interested in wellbeing, that’s why I chose sports studies when I was young. When spas became important in the hotel business, I started to manage them and have done it for many, many years. I was trained to be a Pilates teacher, a spinning teacher, a therapist, beautician, holistic therapist, to give Reiki, I have worked with gems and angels, and the more I learned the more that I wanted to know. At the end, when I think I was prepared to find Yoga, Kundalini Yoga came into my life.

Frauke tell me your favourite part of working at the retreat?

Definitely teaching meditations and Kundalini Yoga, and the direct contact with the guests.

Do you have any special moments or stories that inspire you, whilst working with Azul?

I have them in all my classes. Each class is an experience – the feeling of happiness when guests open their heart is absolutely amazing. Each hug is something more than a hug, there is a real union and when you feel this, that’s fabulous.
We have also had people who met here and have then gone on to get married, we have had other couples and they have sent us a photo from the baby. When you have that connection with guests and they tell you that we inspired them to change their lives… That’s great.

I know that you are interested in angels. Can you tell me a little more about these?

sunset beach yoga holiday fuerteventura
I love them. The Archangel Raphael is my protector. I have done a lovely 3 month intensive training course in South America about Angels and from then, they have formed a part of my life. They protect my house, my family, my space, I have special incense, cards….. I invoke them and they are always there. Its like feeling like a child when you pray before you go to bed asking for protection. I do this and I love it, it is part of me.

So for those that don’t know, what is Kundalini yoga?

It is the Yoga of awareness. Kundalini Yoga, the mother of all yogas, and also the most powerful and inclusive, is the source of every other yogic system and technique. It is a system for self-transformation, personal development and exploration of the consciousness, combining breathing, stretching, the science of sequence, rhythm and sound to work on every aspect of your being. It works primarily by facilitating the flow of energy through the body, in particular along the spinal energy channels through the chakras, and can induce elevated states of consciousness.

How did you discover Kundalini yoga?

I was driving a car in Uruguay and my very best friend had a mantra on from Snatam Kaur and I felt truly touched and had chicken skin (goose bumps). I asked her ‘Where does this come from?’ and she explained to me something about Kundalini Yoga. She asked if I wanted to accompany her as she had signed up for a Kundalini course. We thought it was going to be easy and quick but it was an incredible, intensive experience for two ‘ignorants’. So it was my friend, Daniela who brought me to Kundalini Yoga. I met her in Morocco on an adventure trip biking over the Atlas. Life is crazy sometimes.

What does Kundalini yoga mean to you, both as a practitioner and a teacher?

Kundalini YogaKundalini yoga forms part of my life and is present every day. I practice meditations regularly and I practice as often as I can, apart from teaching. Each class that I teach is an experience and each class gives you so much, that you feel that its more than teaching. Kundalini Yoga with all its tools gives me the power and the knowledge to live my life more consciously trying to be happy every day. I am still on my path and have to learn so many things, but I am so happy about the changes I have experienced already.

I imagine that you are very much looking forward to the upcoming Kundalini retreat with Maestro Kartar at Villa Azul?

Ohhh yeah. 🙂

Can you explain a little bit about the benefits or fun that guests may experience on this week?

Approaching the week with an open heart and an open mind, I am more than sure that each person will have their own experience. It will be lovely to share opinions and comments once the week is finished. I am so proud that Kartar and Devi are coming to Fuerteventura to lead this Kundalini yoga retreat and I will receive them with all my love, and honor their presence.

Frauke leading an Azul retreat in Santorini
Baldev Kaur: An angel with a great strength, energy and power that is used to serve others.

We can’t agree enough with your name, and thank you for all that you do for others. You are a big part of what makes the Azul family experience so incredible. You can meet Frauke every week at our Fuerteventura Yoga retreat and experience the warmth and lift of her energizing charisma.

Azul holds specialty retreats on a regular basis, in addition to our amazing yoga and Pilates retreats, which run year round. For those wanting to join her and experience the amazing powers of Kundalini, keep in touch for our next Kundalini dates. You can see more information here: kundalini yoga retreat or you can try Frauke’s classes, along with our yoga, Pilates and meditation classes at our year round Yoga and Pilates retreat. We hope to see you out here with us soon. 

About the author: Jamie Isaac

Jamie IsaacJamie is an International Pilates teacher and wellbeing specialist. Jamie teaches from his studio in Southern California, as well as workshops all over the world, including weeks in the USA, England and Fuerteventura. A former international trampolinist and a graduate in Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Jamie practices and teaches Pilates as more than just a set of physical exercises. By incorporating body and mind he finds the Pilates method benefits all aspects of life. Jamie is passionate about passing on his knowledge of Pilates, helping others to relax and progress, and teaching in specialist areas such as injury rehabilitation, specialist referral and coaching other sports professionals and enthusiasts. Jamie is the founder of Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat and Fluid Art Pilates.