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Sacred Feminine: Synchronicities at Azulfit

Contact us with your story of being empowered, moved by yoga or meditation, or inspired by a particular teacher or moment, to enter to win a free copy of Jo’s book I am a Woman: Your Highest Calling.

Guest blog by Jo Wyse
‘About midweek into my Azulfit Surya retreat last March I woke up and pulled on my vest and leggings to head down to the studio for our first Kundalini lesson. As I left the Inner Peace room and walked into the courtyard, one of the other guests, a French lady, newly pregnant with twins (making the exchange even more meaningful) greeted me from the comfort of one of the hammocks with a big smile and the words ‘Happy International Women’s Day.’

Azulfit Surya Retreat courtyardFrom that moment on, as the group who had gathered around the communal herbal tea making facilities headed towards the yoga studio, all I could hear as we made our way down the stairs were conversations about the power of being a woman and sisterhood. During my week long stay (with my Mum – again another perfect detail of this story) by chance, unlike most weeks, there were no male guests so maybe we all felt freer to connect to our feminine natures.

Azulfit Surya RetreatThe sun rising on the stairs leading to the studio, perhaps not inexplicably, I was covered in goose bumps listening to and feeling all these women unite. I just kept thinking ‘if only they knew what I had been planning for the last year.’ Things then got even more synchronistic when we flicked off our flip flops and entered the class.

Ganesha Azulfit studioAs the incense burned next to the statue I exchanged my daily gaze with Ganesha (the remover of obstacles) only to look up and see a lady dressed from head to toe in white.

“Hi, I’m Frauke” she said. “Today we will come into our power as women through Kundalini yoga.” More goose bumps covered my body. We found our places and spent the next hour and a half moving our bodies, igniting our kundalini energy, breathing loudly, and laughing a lot. All the while Frauke kept referring to our power as women, how deep the calling is now for the feminine to return, and her own excitement at becoming a grandmother. We even held a small ceremony for the pregnant woman with twins and another lady who was also expecting as the souls of the babies were incarnating into their physical bodies during that specific week.

“I sat in awe at everything I was witnessing, it was as if all my work for the past year was playing out in front of my eyes. I was actually being shown (it was no longer theoretical) that when women return to themselves and each other … LOVE is the result.”

All the time I’m participating, I’m practically bursting with excitement and wondering to myself… ‘shall I tell Frauke what I have been doing, or should I keep quiet as this isn’t about me after all, this is a bigger message. I’ll keep quiet I thought, unless I get a definitive sign that I must say something.’ We went into meditation … When we had completed our journeys I could see a few of the class members wiping tears from their eyes and I too felt the need to touch my face and was surprised at how moved I had been by the silence and presence we had created. It was almost time to go, except Frauke had one more surprise for us and gave me the sign I had been waiting for …

“Come and create a circle around me,” she said … “I want us to sing together on this special day and there are actions to this song as well, but the words are … I am the light of my soul, I am bountiful, I am beautiful, I am bliss, I am, I am, Sat nam.” (Sat Nam translated means ‘Truth is my identity or essence’). Again, rather coincidentally, Karissa who was hosting at Surya that day, filmed the end of the very singing I am writing about.

See the video here, on Azulfit Facebook.

Oh my goodness, I knew in that moment and all through the chant that I had to let Frauke in on my secret. So the class ended and I ran up to my room to collect the only proof copy of the book I had been working on for the last year (maybe all of my life in some way) and gifted it to Frauke, who held it to her chest while repeatedly saying ‘thank you, thank you, thank you.’

The book is called ‘I Am A Woman, your highest calling‘ and that was the day it came to life for me. On my return home I was contacted by Karissa at Azulfit and asked if I would like to write a guest blog about the book (as Frauke had shared it with her colleagues) so I chose to tell the story of all the synchronicities that came about on that special day at Azulfit for you to read this article now.’

Jo’s book, ‘I Am A Woman: Your highest calling ‘ is published in hardback on 5th August and is available on Amazon for £9.99.

Azulfit Surya Retreat

About the author

Jo Wyse is a writer, publisher and broadcaster who worked as a presenter on BBC and commercial radio for over 15 years. After meeting her partner Austin in 2007, Jo left her job in mainstream media to pursue her passion of communicating ‘new-thinking’ messages about health, well-being and the power of human consciousness.

In her book, women are invited to remember what they knew long ago about the sacredness of what it truly means to be feminine and how to begin to use the waxing, waning, fullness and darkness of the moon as their guide.

Please find Jo Wyse and more resources at the Wyse Centre for more books, MP3s & radio programmes.

We also keep a copy at Surya Retreat and Lotus Retreat if anyone would like to read ‘I Am A Woman: Your highest calling‘ during their stay.

I am woman by Jo WyseEmail us with your story of empowerment for a chance to win a copy of the book.

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

Location: Surya Retreat, Fuerteventura Date: 2 – 9 December 2017
Instructor(s): Frauke Behrens

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga (the yoga of the awareness): seven days that will transform your life. Kundalini Yoga is a journey, a practice and a science that connects you with your deepest self, with your soul. Kundalini Yoga is an incredibly powerful pathway that helps us to be unique and to improve the quality of our lives.

This practice brings healing, awareness, a deep sense of vitality and confidence into our lives, and allows us to overcome challenges.