More than a retreat, this is your journey

Inge Spillemaeckers

Inge is enthusiastic, open-minded and loves to travel.
Throughout the years she realized that it’s thanks to people & their stories, experience and wisdom that you get to know a place for real. It is truly inspirational to discover a new culture.

Last year Inge visited Fuerteventura and the island pulled her instantly in with its amazing sunsets, gorgeous beaches, extraordinary energy and 3000hrs of sunshine a year. Coming from Belgium the only thing for her to do was to leave her job at the university and pack her bags. ‘It’s been the best decision I’ve made for myself. I really feel that I’ve upgraded my life.’

‘In my free time I love being in and nearby the ocean, hearing the waves crash from my bedroom feels like a true blessing. I am a nature lover who also likes running, volleyball and am currently trying to learn how to surf. I also love to read and am passionate about photography.’

Inge enjoys learning and speaking foreign languages, ‘understanding those little nuances,’ and is happy to be in a multicultural environment which she finds stimulating.
She has worked in Berlin and speaks fluent German. She also lived in Sydney which left a big mark in her heart.

She loves to work with international people with the same point of view on life.
Inge speaks Dutch, German, French and English.
‘Finding Azulfit is a true blessing, I love taking care of people, hosting, speaking several languages at a time and making our guests feel like they’re home. My colleagues are like my family and next to my sweet man, my base in my new built up life. I feel like I finally found my place in this world.’

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