More than a retreat, this is your journey

Tanya Özcerkes

Tanya’s quote is “open your heart, open your mind, and smile ” and likes sharing that welcoming attitude. Starting surfing years ago made her travelling around the world to find a new way of living: being.

Visiting new places, experiencing thrilling adventures and facing the unknown made her grow. I learned that embracing the present, enjoying the simple things and sharing what makes me happy, is what truly nourishes my soul.

Back in Germany she worked 10 years in finances until she took a decision which changed her life 180 degrees. With an one-way ticket she made her way to Fuerteventura to become a surf instructor. When she talks about her experiences you will feel encouraged and motivated to create and realize the hidden treasures on your mind and in your heart.

On Fuerteventura she found a new home, where she lives her passion for surfing, enjoys every bit of the nature, practices Yoga and a healthy life-style.

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