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5 minute break: Simple Exercises For The Office

Wellbeing Break: Moving at your desk for a healthy happy body

credit unsplash antonika chanel office wellnessWe all love our yoga or Pilates, and we do try our hardest to make it to class as often as possible, but what happens when ‘real life’ gets in the way?

Even yoga and Pilates teachers will spend some time sat in front of a computer screen and therefore it can be super helpful to have a few anti-desk job stretches and exercises in our tool box, to avoid the onset of aches and pains.

It can also prove frustrating, when a particularly busy period at work, not only sabotages your valuable workout time, but also sets you backwards, so that when you finally climb out from beneath your pile of inbox overload, you’re back playing catch up to loosen a stiff neck, or sore lower back, rather than taking off and flying from where you left off last time you were on your mat.

So, especially for you all, at this meetings/ family commitment filled time of year, I’ve put together a series of simple movements and stretches, designed to keep your desk injury free and prepared to get back into action.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your practice has to have a convenient 1-1.5 hour time slot either. If you’re willing to ignore the confused or funny stares of your colleagues, you can fit these movements into all aspects of your day.

I mean almost any movement, mindfully done, can be turned into good movement, so why not stretch and squat as your kettle boils? Who said stairs couldn’t be taken two at a time or used as a little ‘between’ meetings step session?

I mean check out this awesome pic of Azulfit guest Ruth, making the perfect use of the conference table.

Desk Yoga

When you start twisting, stretching and moving on the train ride into work, you’ll be surprised at how many other travelers will decide that the seat next to you isn’t so comfy looking after all and that they’d rather stand. Which in turn is better for their health, and doing them a favour… You’re welcome!

Ok, so let’s start with the desk.

unsplash desk yoga grovemade Basically the work station is the perfect place to sit and loose any ability to perform simple physical tasks that were once necessary to survive as a human species. Not only that, but it’s also responsible for creating a whole variety of non specific pain and muscular-skeletal issues.

The good news is, there is an antidote. Of course, you could seek out your awesome local Pilates teacher and begin a quest to rebalance your body, but why not try a little movement DIY and start the balance yourself.

Consider this, it’s often as simple as looking at the position your body is in for a majority of the day and then stretching in the opposite direction.

Check out this short vid clip with my Top 5 At Your Desk exercises, and join me in fighting the devolution!