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Guided colour imagery meditation for healing

chakra colours

Colour visualisation can be a powerful tool in meditation due to the link between the seven colours of the light spectrum and the seven chakras.

Many believe that by focusing on certain colours you can promote healing in specific parts of the body or alternatively you can channel the full rainbow of colours that make up white light to improve your general wellbeing and sense of relaxation.

In this meditation by yoga instructor Vicky, you will be guided through a series of colour imagery as a way to tune in to several different levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Please ensure you are sitting or lying comfortably before you begin this meditation. Start by closing your eyes. Relax and take a few slow, deep breaths into your abdomen. Feel the tension in your body dissipate and notice how the muscles in your face, jaw and shoulders start to relax.

The seven chakra colours are as follows:

  • Root chakra – your feelings of being safe, secure and grounded: Red
  • Sacral chakra – your creativity and feelings: Orange
  • Solar plexus chakra – your centre of being and intellect: Yellow
  • Heart chakra – tranquility and serenity: Green
  • Throat chakra – focus on communication: Blue
  • Third eye chakra – opens your consciousness and connects us to the spiritual world: Indigo
  • Crown chakra – the chakra of oneness and spirituality: Violet

About the author – Vicky Rosales

Maria Victoria RosalesVicky started practicing Yoga while she was studying Foreign Languages at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, 15 years ago. She practiced Hatha Yoga during that time; then left Venezuela and went to Spain, where she lived for 6 years.

Vicky lived in Girona, in the mainland; then moved to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. Here she had the pleasure to meet her Azul Family: her Yoga teacher Radhika who was teaching in Azul at that time, as well as Jamie and Karissa. Vicky assisted Radhika’s Hatha Yoga and Meditation classes. At the same time she started to work with Azul, helping with everything from breakfasts to guiding guests around the Island. She had the opportunity to complete her teacher training in Hatha Yoga at Gayatri Yoga School lead by Radhika and Kiran. She finished her course in 2011 and taught Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation at Villa Azul and at the Lotus Lodge.

In 2013 she left Fuerteventura and returned to Venezuela. She started teaching Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra in the Holistic Center Shamagin, located in Lechería, in the north Coast of Venezuela. She continues to follow her own practice, with her teacher Marlene, and continues to write yoga and meditation resources for Azul, as sharing the benefits of yoga and meditation are Vicky’s passion.