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How to Start a Daily Meditation Practice

After attending a yoga retreat, creating a regular meditation practice is one of the most transformational things you can do for yourself but starting something new can initially be very daunting.

The idea of sitting still and listening to your thoughts may seem strange, and sometimes even indulgent when you have so many other things to do, but with our helpful guide, we hope you will be able to overcome some of these challenges.

At Azulfit we´ve developed 4 simple principles, that will enable you to get started and quickly begin to experience some of meditation´s wide-reaching health benefits.

Just Start

There´s no time like the present. There are numerous different meditation techniques out there, but we believe experimenting is the best way to find out which suits you best. There are numerous free apps, and videos and resources to get you started. Begin by sampling a few or perhaps just set the timer on your phone and sit and breathe.

Expect that your mind will be busy, everyone´s is- remember the aim is not to stop your thoughts, but perhaps just to ´turn the volume down´ a little, or at least not get so caught up in them.

Come back

You don’t have to sit for lengthy periods of time, certainly not at the beginning, but you do need to be consistent- regularity is key. Think of meditation as ongoing training in attention; in our practice, we are exercising and training the brain as a muscle, so frequency really helps build a strong habit. Once you find a style of meditation that you like, explore different times of day for your practice and be realistic about how much time you can allow and then commit to practicing perhaps 3 – 4 times a week.

Choose A Calming Space

Make yourself a cozy corner in your home or office, find a comfortable seat or lie down, and begin.

It should be quiet and if possible, free of clutter. It is important to note that meditation does not have to be done sitting cross-legged on the floor. This position is very uncomfortable for many and will reduce the positive benefits of meditation. Instead, pick a seat where the back is supported or you are seated or laying comfortably.

If you have a calming space to come back to, you will do just that.

Keep coming back

Meditation is one of those practices whose benefits multiply- the more you do, the more you will understand how your mind works and what you need, and the more benefits you will start to experience. Bit by bit you will move closer to a more connected, fulfilled, healthier life. As you develop in your practice, consider joining a local meditation group or booking a yoga and meditation retreat such as those we offer at Azulfit. A good teacher is invaluable on your journey, finding one who can support you wherever you are will enrich your practice and help you continue to develop and grow.

The positive effect meditation has on the body is amazing. By creating a daily practice, meditators can improve their mood, stress levels, and overall outlook on life. If you attend a yoga retreat in 2019, learn as much as you can about meditation. Carry home the tips and strategies learned on the retreat to enrich your daily meditation practice.

Contact Azulfit for more information about how you can experience the benefits of yoga and meditation on retreat with us.