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How Yoga Can Contribute to a More Relaxed Home Environment

Yoga is a much-loved technique for reducing stress and helping you to stay calm and present in all areas of your life. The practice focuses on aligning your mind with your body so they can work in harmony and allow you to become truly present within yourself and the present moment.

Just ten minutes a day has been proven to give you many benefit. If you can find a short amount of time, doing a home practice or getting to a class will have a host of benefits to both body and mind.

So, how can practicing yoga contribute to a more relaxed home environment?

If you currently practice yoga daily, or even just once a week for 60 minutes, you may have already realized the benefits it can have on your life; both at home and at work. A greater sense of ease, a reduction in stress and improved fitness and flexibility all come with a regular practice. Here are the top reasons why your home environment will benefit from a regular practice:

1. A Calmer You Makes a Calmer Home

If you are carrying a lot, feeling stressed or anxious, or overwhelmed, it is likely that your emotions and energies will come home with you. Your loved ones might sense this and your ability to care for yourself and others might become affected.

Yoga will help you to ease this load. The stress reducing benefits are many, and the focus on being in your body, moving through the postures will give you a sense of being grounded in the present moment, taking care of you. You will end the practice in a deep relaxation, where your body can assimilate all the benefits of the session. You will leave relaxed and uplifted, if you have chosen the right type of class for your needs. While practicing, you will be focusing on your breathing which, ultimately, will slow your heart rate and reduce tension.

Even doing this for just 10 minutes a day, will help bring a sense of focus and purpose and can help manage stress, enabling you to live in a state of flow and presence and therefore, your whole household too.

2. Your Home Atmosphere will become a place to retreat to

When you start practicing yoga at home, you will start to see that you want to make your home a really tranquil and appealing space.

Yogi Image courtesy of Yogi-Bare Yoga Mats

You might notice that you have an urge to declutter — diffuse essential oils, buy a lovely air cleansing plant, adjust the lighting — to make your environment more ‘zen-like’.

This will absolutely contribute to a calmer home environment, so take this on one area at a time and you will find that the space becomes lighter, and energy shifts for you and your family!

Set the space, set the time and set an intention. Start by making that small commitment to yourself and watch that positive mindset flow into other areas of your home and life.

3. Promotes Family Time

When your household has an atmosphere of togetherness, it’s likely that this will balance the entire environment.

Yoga helps bring your loved ones closer if you participate together.. Even children enjoy the practice as they copy you in animal postures.

Although there are times when you will want to have your yoga time alone, it can be a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the members of your house as well on those days where time is limited. Remember that you don’t have to go to an actual class — you can just do it in your living room, or even outside in the garden.

There are plenty of free videos on our YouTube channel, which can guide you through some short practices.

If you’re feeling like its time to hit reset entirely, you might like to take yourself or your family on a yoga retreat. It’s a great opportunity to clear the mind, do some excellent classes, eat well and reconnect. You will come home feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed.

4. Combats Work Stressors

We know that work can feel overwhelming at times and coming home after a long day means you might bring some of that residual stress into the home.

Yoga, as we have previously talked about, is a fantastic method for balancing work-life tension. If you start your day by focusing on yourself and your family (set the alarm a little early, wake up and hydrate, do a short home practice and eat breakfast together with your family) before you actually look at your phone or emails means you will set yourself up for a more productive, stress free day. You have created a self care routine and in taking that space for you and your family you can be much more present when you get to the office. Ideas and productivity flow and you have more space before you react to the stressors of the work place.

Hopefully, by now you’ll see that there are plenty of reasons why yoga can contribute to a more relaxed home environment! You don’t have to stop here, however; another good way to work on getting more relaxed is to partake in some do-it-yourself projects that can help contribute to a beautiful, mindful home environment.

Air cleansing plants, and pure essential oils that energise and uplift will help you create the space and energy for a positive home practice experience. We recommend doTERRA oils for quality and purity.