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How to Keep Up Your Yoga Practice While Traveling

It may be difficult for some yoga practitioners to establish a regular routine while traveling. The good news is there are a lot of ways to stay on track with your yoga practice even while in transit, and it doesn’t require an established full routine, either! Gentle stretching, breathing or simply a few sun salutes or postures are enough and will keep you healthy and pain free whilst you are on the move.

Below are some ways you can include relaxing and invigorating poses during your trip.

Adjust your routine

If you have an established daily practice that lasts more than an hour, it may not be practical to include this in your travel plans. There’s no need to pressure yourself to stick to what you’re used to. Instead, try to be more flexible about your practice and your time while away from home; spending time hydrating, eating good local food and socialising with like minded people will all go a long way to keeping you happy and healthy, on or off the mat.

The New York Times and many yoga teachers emphasize that there’s no set amount of time you should practice yoga for it to be effective. It all depends on your own schedule and needs. When you’re on a trip, you’re much less likely to have enough time to squeeze in a full routine, and that’s okay.

Practice anywhere and everywhere

Despite having a full schedule during your travels, you should still try your best to incorporate some part of your daily practice into your trip. You can do this by doing quick five to 10 minute practice in the morning, between meetings or before bedtime. For instance, you can do a simple sequence right after waking up in your hotel room, or even a two-minute routine of gentle hip or shoulder openers or breathing when waiting for a connecting flight.


Of course, you have to be prepared by wearing comfortable clothes throughout your trip. Fortunately, most yoga pants are made with cotton or lycra blends that are lightweight and easy to pack. Afterwards, you can reap the benefits of those post-yoga endorphins and put on an equally cozy set of lounge wear. While not built for workouts specifically, Woman Within’s straight-leg knitted pants are stretchable and soft, making them an excellent choice for relaxing when youve finished exploring for the day. Plus, they can double up as your flight attire thanks to how comfortable they are.

Check out our previous post to see 3 restorative poses you can do wherever you are in the world. Also try this post travel workout from our Youtube Channel with our lead teacher, Rachel Blunt.

Be resourceful

If you find that you can only practice in small spaces on your trip, then improvise! There are a lot of standing poses that you can do in a corner. Additionally, simple stretches can help release stress and tension that can come with long travels.

In your hotel room, you don’t need a yoga mat to practice, as even a clean towel or blanket is enough. If you feel like you do need some equipment to be comfortable, Gaiam’s affordable yoga mats are a favorite among travelers thanks to their portability and light weight.

Try a yoga class on your trip

Wherever you’re going next, there’s bound to be a studio nearby. You can even look for online communities and ask for suggestions about retreats you can go to. This can be a truly immersive experience and a great way to hit pause during your trip.

What’s more, it’ll give you the chance to connect with new people who share your interests, making it really easy to make new friends. Overall, a bit of time management and determination is all you need to keep up with your yoga practice while traveling. As a result of taking this time for practice, you’ll be stress-free and inspired during your whole trip, making it an even more worthwhile experience.