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200 hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training

Why do your 200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at Azulfit?


Be nurtured and lit up by this passionate, empathic teacher, with 15+ years experience


Be renewed by ocean & volcano vistas and mouthwatering veggie & vegan food

Friendship and community

Gain a support network that goes beyond your TTC – a yoga family for life


Be guided by experienced experts, not only in yoga but also in nutrition & wellbeing

Learn from one of the world’s leading yoga teachers and deepen your practice on this life-enhancing 200hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher training. This course will offer student teachers of all levels of experience the chance to immerse in the theoretical, practical, historical and spiritual dimensions of yoga with Andrea Everingham and her teaching team. Feel empowered, bathe in the Fuerteventura sunshine as you uncover the richness of the yogic experience with our incredible teaching faculty.

Everything you need to know…

What will I learn?

200 hour yoga teacher training with an emphasis on Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga sequencing. Students are expected to maintain a daily yoga practice before starting this course. We will ask students to take part in 10 yoga classes in a variety of styles and write an essay on their experiences, commenting on teaching style, adjustments and alignments cues in a positive way.

Students will also be expected to read the yoga manual given beforehand, becoming familiar with yoga history and philosophy, and complete a reading list.

The course content will include the following:

  • asana, bandha, drishti,
  • chakra theory and meditation
  • anatomy for yoga sequencing
  • philosophy
  • teaching methodology
  • restorative yoga, therapeutic yoga
  • adjustments and modifications
  • the business of yoga

‘The journey of the training from committing to teaching your first class is one filled with excitement, challenge, nerves, and all the feels! Andrea is selective in running this course just once per annum for the right students for the specific reason she and her team are able to support you in creating a network amongst students where you’re able to take your first steps in the world of teaching confidently. This allows you to branch out into this new world at your pace having had the right support and guidance. By placing the assessment a few months post the training students have time to put into practice their teaching skills, giving them the best chance of qualifying with confidence and take their newfound skills to the next step of holding space and leading classes.' - Helen, YTT Alumni 2016

Surya Retreat, Fuerteventura

This Teacher Training course takes place at Surya Retreat in Fuerteventura. The hacienda-style property is nestled amongst the volcanoes with views to the sea.

Offering different levels of accommodation to suit all budgets, we are sure to have the perfect place for you to lay your head. The standard price includes a twin shared room or cabin.

‘Unlike most teacher trainings Azulfit's stunning setting really provides a beautiful and peaceful setting to aid mental emotional and physical rejuvenation between all the hard work and challenge of such a huge learning process. Providing the comfort needed so the mind and body can perform it’s best. The delicious and food is intelligently thought through mostly following Ayurvedic discipline which gives the mind and body the best opportunity for optimum performance. I unexpectedly learned more about myself promoting great eating habits which have remained with me thanks to this.’ - Helen, YTT Alumnni 2016

Meet your teachers

Andrea Everingham

Head teacher – Jivamukti Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Yoga Therapy (800 hours)

Andrea Meditation Yoga RetreatAndrea Everingham began her journey with yoga 15 years ago, quickly developing a serious relationship with many styles and teaching Ashtanga for 10 of those years.

It was when she stumbled into a Jivamukti class that a spark turned into an inferno and she fell in love with the style dubbed the ‘wild child’ of yoga. Instantly knowing this was for her – this untamed style that takes all energy and fuses it harmoniously with traditional yoga practices, gifting the soul true liberation. Fast-forward to today and she is a 500hr yoga therapist and a 300hr Jivamukti teacher – studying directly with its founders Sharon Gannon and David Life. Andrea’s passion and enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge fuels her teachings where exploring postures in a playful, present way instils the kind of liberated attitude found in her classes. Her classes are always fun, full of energy and a warmth that open hearts and creates smiles, inspiring you to work your own magic on the mat. Andrea has fast become known as one of the UK’s most versatile, energetic, and inspirational teachers – an open minded, dynamic, fearless and raw individual who is devoted to the continuous growth of her students. Her style of balancing high energy hands-on fun classes with deep relaxation infused with yogic teachings leaves you feeling uplifted, renewed, enlightened and connected. You can experience her particular essence of Jivamukti awesomeness at her studio in Manchester or one of her many international retreats.

Andrea is the founder of OneYoga Studio in Manchester and a regular contributor to ‘Ask The Expert’ (Manchester Evening News). She combines her many years of experience studying and working with the human body and movement with an in-depth study of nutrition and raw foods and their impact on overall wellbeing.

She joins the Azulfit team in the Fuerteventura sunshine with her natural and empathetic teaching style and infectious enthusiasm. Her holistic and sophisticated approach of total body, mind and spirit integration is as accessible to those new to yoga as it is challenging for the more practiced yogi.

Check out Andrea in May 2013's Look Magazine or visit Andrea's OneYoga studio online.


Stefan Podolczuk

Assistant Teacher – 500hr Yoga Teacher

Assistant teacher trainer for your 200 hr YTT, Stefan is passionate about yoga, and deeply committed to the student trainees. His empathetic, style allows student teachers to thrive as he shares his knowledge and encouragement throughout the course and beyond.  Stefan is well practiced in Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyegnar, hot yoga, Anusara, Yin, Flow, Power Yoga,  Stefan enjoys the discipline of Ashtanga. His practice has been deeply committed since his first teacher training in 2014 in Australia.

He is a 500hr registered teacher, completing an advanced 300hr Ashtanga teacher training in Mysore in 2016.

"I am interested in the sense of constant evolution of all individual yoga journeys, that anyone can do it."

Jigyasa Shiv

Jigyasa ShivJigyasa is a Traditional Yoga Teacher and Energy Therapist with a Modern twist. She started practicing Yoga when she was a kid, using the practice as a remedy to help with her health issues. Seeing how the practice worked for her, she has believed strongly ever since in the power of Yoga and Meditation.

Originally born, brought up and trained in India, Jigyasa has been living on the beautiful island of Fuerteventura for a couple of years teaching Yoga and practicing Energy Therapies. Classes/Sessions with her will help you heal your Body, Mind and Soul and connect better with your inner-self. Her classes provide a good mix of Chanting, Pranayama, Asana and Meditation.

Jigyasa strongly believes that Each body is different and dedication can bring in great results.

Yoga Aphorism that Jigyasa strongly believes in is “Ishwarapranidhanadva” meaning “Inner peace can be achieved through complete devotion and surrender (pranidhana) to God or a higher power (isvara)”

Chloe Rose

I began studying and practicing yoga in 2006; completed alignment based vinyasa training with Suzanne Slocum Gori (2013); attained Jivamukti certification with Sharon Gannon, Yogeswari and Jules Febre (2017); and most recently undertook Restorative Yoga teacher training with Anna Ashby (2018). I have experienced Jivamukti primarily as a student of Emma Henry (Divya Devi), without whom my practice would not be so magical nor life so bright. I also extend deep respect and appreciation to Manorama whose lambent teaching shone much light on the yogic texts and whose warmth suffused study with a softer joy than I had known before.

A.C. Grayling founded The New College of the Humanities in 2012. I was one of the founding cohort and have since graduated and matriculated for a second time as one of the inaugural postgraduate cohort. I take the bit between my teeth with great relish, revelling in the blithe ease and freedom found with the well-read enfant terrible of academia and the well-lived ‘wild child of yoga’.

In teaching I hope to share what I have experienced in philosophy and yoga alike: that the role of a teacher is to educate, etymologically ‘to lead out’, never to impose. For in dialogue there’s the thrilling exhilaration and sweeping pleasure whereby one’s own narrow point of view becomes broader than ever before- all thanks to one’s interlocutors. We need not know everything if we are willing to know one another.”

Leticia Porto

Leticia found Yoga during a particularly challenging time in her life, like many others at a time she needed it the most. Having never been particularly sporty, but loved (and still does) the joy that comes with dance, movement and meditation; yoga gave Leticia the opportunity to not only do this, but to reconnect to herself.

For the subsequent two years she followed a strict diet of Ashtanga Mysore style, before undertaking her first 200 hour Vinyasa YTT with her original Yoga Teacher, Andrea Everingham. Having taught locally in Manchester, Leti felt called once again to dive deeper into her practice, and undertook her second 200 hour YTT in her first love, Ashtanga Yoga, with European Yoga Institute. She will continue her training this Summer on a 6 weeks pilgrimage to India, the home of yoga, a trip she is both excited and humbled to make.

Running parallel to her Yoga journey has been her work with young people. She began volunteering in Spain with the Red Cross for young people. On moving to England in 2009, she began volunteering and eventually teaching Spanish and the Humanities to children that had fallen out of education due to social, emotional, behavioural and mental health barriers; many of which had been written off altogether by the system. In 2018 she developed her own Yoga Therapy programme for these pupils with measurable Ofstead –approved targets. The results were outstanding – behaviour, sleep pattern, wellbeing all improved in leaps and bounds. Presently she is in the process of copyrighting and codifying this programme, with goal to implement it in schools in both the UK and Spain – wherever there is belief in children and second chances.

Leticia Porto is a student at the core of her being. She has studied with world wide recognised teachers such as David Swenson and Manju Jois. She is guided by a thirst for knowledge that can better herself, her students and her planet. Leti believes in the nourishment of connection and seeks to create community wherever she goes.

Bob Johnson

Bob is physiotherapist with many years experience in anatomy and human movement. He presents the anatomy module of the course tailored for the needs of yoga teachers. The module contains anatomy and physiology in specific relation to  yoga practice. Bob presents anatomy in a practical, fun and hands on manner using a variety of techniques to help you see, feel and learn your anatomy.

The anatomy module will cover: Respiration, Circulation, Myofascial chains, The Skeleton, The Muscles, Ligaments, Health, Injury management, Neurological symptoms that effect yoga practice & a Psychological approach to injury management.

As the Azulfit resident nutritionist, author and busy working mom, Jo Dombernowsky has developed a vibrant, holistic approach to the food here at the retreat. Jo has carefully designed our menus to reflect her simple, yet effective nutritional principles and genuinely believes in the power of food to improve health, energy and general wellbeing.

Alongside her kitchen team, she helps to create an energetic and fun kitchen atmosphere, which is reflected in the delicious, and eagerly anticipated meals prepared on site; all of which can of course be enjoyed without self deprivation or guilt! Through her workshops, dedicated nutritionally focused retreats, blog and recipe book, ‘Truly Healthy, Truly Delicious‘, this inspirational passion and knowledge is passed on to our guests.


14 Day Intensive, 1st - 15th August 2020 @ Azulfit Surya Yoga Retreat Fuerteventura (Canaries, Spain)

Anatomy Module + Full Weekend Assessment in Manchester UK (3 days - 4th - 6th December 2020) or Fuerteventura (date to be mutally agreed)

Daily schedule

07:00 – 07:30 Meditation
08:30 – 08:00 Chants and Scripture
08:00 – 08:15 Re-hydrate Tea Water Nourish
08:15 – 10:15 Asana Practice
10:15 – 11:15 Sattvic Breakfast
11:15 – 13:15 Yoga Philosophy, lifestyle and ethics for Yoga
13:30 – 14:30 Lunch Nourish
14:30 – 15:30 Self Study, journal, rest
15:30 – 17:30 Asana Lab, teaching Methodology
17:30 – 17:45 Nourish break
17:45 – 19:15 Yin Yoga, restorative yoga, yoga Nidra
19:15 – 20:15 Evening Nourishment
20:15 – 21:00 Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Satsang, Guided meditation
21:00 Rest/Journal


£3200 - includes 14 nights deluxe accommodation and full board at Azulfit, course tuition, course manual, anatomy module.

Deposit £500.

Supplements apply for private rooms and ensuite facilities - please enquire for full details.

NB flights not included.

Final Evaluation weekend date: December 2020: Practical Teaching assessments

Before the journey begins

Q: How much yoga do I need to have done previously?

A: A suggested minimum of 2 years practice required, however if you have a strong practice your application will be considered.

Q: Are there any guidelines on where my practice needs to be in order to apply i.e., headstand, lotus?

A: Having a consistent practice is the most important. Being able to demonstrate advanced postures is not essential, especially if you have injuries or anatomical challenges. An example of some postures to have the foundations of include arm balances, working towards hip opening, working towards headstand.

Q: How can I prepare physically for the TT?

A: It’s necessary that you keep a regular and consistent practice in the lead up to the TT.

Q: Can I do a digital detox while I’m on the Teacher Training?

A: Yes of course! This will be profound time of personal journey and a digital detox would definitely help towards your spiritual experience and learning and development with less distractions, however it’s not mandatory and you may feel you would like to contact family.

What pre–course prep do I need to do?

You will be expected to read four yogic texts:

Jivamukti Yoga: Practices for Liberating Body and Soul, Book by David Life and Sharon Gannon

Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Bhagavad Gita

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

*You will be required to write a 250 word commentary on any section, part or whole of these books, for EACH book – 4 commentaries in total. Submitted to by 30th April 2019 to [email protected]

Q: What support is available to me if I have questions?

A: Before the course starts we are available to offer guidance and support via email/telephone, ensuring that you feel completely prepared for the journey ahead. Prior to the course beginning we set up a WhatsApp Group for all students and teachers, this gives everyone the opportunity to get to know each other before the course. The group also allows students(and teachers) to support each other after the course… the chats have been a huge success, in fact we still have all TT group chats from 2016 onwards going strong, with students still supporting each other today!


Q: What type of accommodation will I have?

A: Students will be allocated twin accommodation, which is included within the course fee. Suites and private rooms are available with a supplement. Contact [email protected] for private room upgrades and supplement pricing.

The Intensive

Q: What would I need to bring with me?

A: A full list of ‘what to pack for Azulfit’ is listed in the Course Welcome Pack.

Q: What Syllabi will be covered? :

* Asana, Bandha, Drishti

* Asana Propping, Variations and Modifications

* Chakra theory

* Meditation and Pranayama

* Mantra and Chanting

* Anatomy and Physiology for yoga

* History and Philosophy of Yoga

* Teaching methodology

* How to present a class with excellence; formatting and sequencing of the class

* Restorative yoga, therapeutic yoga

Q: How many hours of physical practice will there be each day?

A: 4 hours of asana practice. 4 further hours of intermittent standing during asana lab.

Q: What will a typical day at Azulfit YTT be like?

07:00 – 07:30 |Meditation

08:30 – 08:00 |Chants and Scripture

08:00 – 08:15 |Re-hydrate Tea Water Nourish

08:15 – 10:15 |Asana Practice

10:15 – 11:15 |Sattvic Breakfast

11:15 – 13:15 |Yoga Philosophy, lifestyle and ethics for Yoga

13:30 – 14:30 |Lunch Nourish

14:30 – 15:30 |Self Study, journal, rest

15:30 – 17:30 |Asana Lab, teaching Methodology

17:30 – 17:45 |Nourish break

17:45 – 19:15 |Yin Yoga, restorative yoga, yoga Nidra

19:15 – 20:15 |Evening Nourishment

20:15 – 21:00 |Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Satsang, Guided meditation

21:00 |Rest/Journal

Q: How much practical teaching will I do?

A: We believe in starting as we mean to go on, students will begin teaching from day one. This offers the opportunity to gain the necessary skills to teach and truly feel comfortable and confident in themselves

Q: How much anatomy do I need to know / will there be within the content?

A: You are not required to have any previous knowledge of anatomy, there will be two sessions of anatomy and physiology. A basic anatomy class during the intensive and a deeper session of anatomy and physiology during the assessment weekend.

Q: How much feedback and 1:1 time will I get throughout the process to know if I am on track?

A: You will be given regular vocal feedback during the intensive and 1:1 time with the tutors. Once you have completed the assessment weekend you will be given a final feedback sheet to help you with your growth and progression.

Q: Will I be ready to teach at the end of the course?

A: This course will provide you with foundations of teaching yoga and all the necessary tools to be able to teach a full class from start to end, it will be an individual choice as to whether or not you choose to teach as soon as the intensive has finished.

Q: Would I get a Qualification through Yoga Alliance? How is that processed?

A: Upon completion of the course you will receive a Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited certification. You will then be able join YAP as a full member. They will be in touch with you at this time.

Q: Could I teach right after my course?

A: Once you have completed the intensive you will be fully insured with Yoga Alliance Professionals as a ‘Student Teacher’ to teach up to two classes per week. Some studios may ask for a reference which we will happily provide given successful completion.

Q: When is the exam, what is the format, how will I be assessed, how long is it?

A: The assessment day lasts around 6 hours during which time you will be assessed on the routine you have learned during your intensive. Each student will be required to teach a (approximately) 20 minute section of the routine and students are all assessed together, therefore you will be teaching each other on the assessment day.

How will I be assessed?

During the assessment weekend you will be expected to teach a 30 minute section of any given part of the Flow sequence, which you will have learned during the course, you will be observed by Andrea. In order to gain your 200hr accreditation you will need to pass this assessment. You will be given feedback after the assessment and if unsuccessful you will be offered the opportunity to re-sit.

How do I apply?

Fill in the application form and include a short piece stating your yoga experience (how long you have been/how often you practice), expressing why you would like to be a yoga teacher and how you will take you knowledge out into the world. Provide a reference from your yoga teacher.

Is this training right for me?

"Becoming a teacher is about so much more than just choosing any course, receiving a certificate and standing in front of a class. Making the decision to teach should be a step in your journey towards deepening your understanding and relationship with yoga, as well as passing on a passion that has been lit within you.

Teaching is an incredible experience. Often fun and exciting, at times challenging, but immensely rewarding. It's a journey, and we feel that it's a journey that you should not have to take alone. We want our teachers to feel supported and empowered, from choosing the course and beyond, with the tools to rise beyond the challenges and the knowledge to revel in the celebration of sharing something great.

There are so many options out there for trainings to choose from. This is great, but can be a daunting prospect to know which is the right one of you. There are questions to ask ourselves even beyond whether its our preferred style of yoga or if it's within our budget? Will the training leave you with the knowledge to confidently step into the role as a teacher? Will it deepen your understanding of yoga? Will it provide support after the course for any questions or situations that arise along my journey?

Andrea is one of my favourite yoga teachers. I say this as someone who has experienced classes with some incredible, well known teachers. The reason I hold Andrea in such high esteem is beyond her vibrant and fun personality, her obvious experience and knowledge, her ability to teach and communicate so articulately, and beyond Andrea being the real deal and embodying her yoga teaching through self practice, both on and off the mat.

My favourite thing about learning from Andrea is that she truly cares. She connects with everyone in her class and passionately desires to impart all she can upon her students. Its this caring quality that makes her teacher training so powerful."

Jamie Isaac, Azulfit Founder

An eye opening and transformative experience!
Led by someone who Is generous, authentic and kind. Andreas style Is unprecedented, It Inspires and sets a motivational benchmark. Andrea Is an artist of yoga who opened the doors of philosophy and practice of yoga. Her approach makes you want to become a better being.
– Agnieszka Drzewoska, Gratuate Nov 2017
Yoga Teacher Training
Surya Retreat, Fuerteventura
2021 Dates TBC
Andrea Everingham

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