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What to do the Week Before Your Yoga Retreat

A yoga retreat is a great way to reconnect with yourself, energise and recharge your batteries. Retreats are a relaxing way to travel and meet new people, all while deepening your yoga practice. As the retreat gets closer, there are several things you can do that will make you feel more prepared for your trip. Here are three things to do the week before your retreat.


Make a Checklist

A week out from the yoga retreat, make a checklist of everything you need to do before going to the retreat. We have created a packing list for you to print out before your retreat:


Your list can include confirming flight times, arranging transfers or exchanging money, packing sunscreen, or buying a few items as needed. Put a check next to each item as it is completed. A checklist is a great way to stay task-oriented and organized before the retreat without getting overwhelmed

The retreat week is also an excellent opportunity to try a gentle detox from our normal day to day toxic load.. Perhaps try a natural deodorant or natural shampoo or toothpaste on retreat and see how you like them. Youll be eating healthy, vegan or vegetarian food; so why not try to treat your body to a cleanse and reset from products too!

Start your handover at work and schedule your out of office reply if needed. Be sure you are blocking out time to get through any projects or handover the week before, so you can come away stress free with no emails or follow up to do whilst you are on retreat. Its nice to disconnect from tech and connect with like minded people at the retreat itself, if possible.

Start Packing

A week before the yoga retreat is a good time to start packing. We offer a preflight checklist, and feel free to reach out to your own retreat organiser (if you are not retreating with us) to ask what to bring.

Choose the clothes you will wear each day. Be sure you remember all outfits, including workout clothes, casual or travel clothes, beachwear or activity appropriate gear, and pajamas. Bring extra workout clothes because there are days where you may want to freshen up and change if you have multiple classes in a day. Also, pack your yoga accessories as necessary. We offer a washing machine if you wish to travel light and do a load of clothing mid week.

Check out some of our favourite yoga clothing brands for any last minute clothing needs; we also sell these on site should you need anything.

Yogamasti – This brand has a wonderful mix of styles for all shapes and sizes as well as natural fibres. Our favourites:

YogaLeggs – Vibrant leggings with fun and flair, perfect for classes and travel.

Asquith – Ethically Made Eco Activewear, stylish and comfortable. Perfect gear for your yoga holiday and to wear whilst travelling! (Not sold on site, order online)

At Azulfit, we provide all mats and equipment however some people prefer to bring their own mats. We recommend the Yogi-Bare travel mat, it packs down to the size of a jumper and its beautiful.

Most retreats provide mats however check in with your organizer first to ensure you pack one if needed. Set aside your mat, yoga towel, water bottle, essential oils, and anything else you use during your practice. As you go through the week, continue adding things to your case or pile including toiletries and flip flops or walking shoes. Don’t forget to pack a journal. You will want to write about your experiences at the yoga retreat as they can be life-changing. A good, uplifting book is also a perfect companion to travel with.

Review the Schedule

Its nice to review and acquaint yourself with the yoga retreat schedule. Start by knowing when your flight leaves. Review the schedule for the actual retreat, if you like to know whats coming. It is good to know when you will be doing yoga, meditating, and eating. That way when you get to the retreat you have a good idea of whats ahead, this will lessen any pre course nerves. You can then also book extra massage or activities as desired, if you like to schedule in advance.


Lastly, continue to practice yoga the week before the retreat. Feel free to reach out to us for an at home practice to get you started. Reflect and use each practice to help you set an intention for your trip. Maybe you realize you are struggling with stilling your mind, or certain postures and would like to improve them at the retreat. Another good intention is to simply be relaxed and in the moment while at youre there. Take time to write down your intention so you can reflect upon it after the yoga retreat is over.

Attending a yoga retreat is a great way to strengthen a yoga practice an connect with others in a relaxing setting. Participants get the chance to meet fellow yogis and practice under experienced, knowledgeable teachers. Start the retreat off feeling relaxed by preparing for your trip the week before. Doing a little each day will leave you feeling stress-free by the time of the retreat. Contact Azulfit today for more information about preparing for a yoga retreat.