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Autumn Pilates Retreat + DIY retreat tips

buddha autumnAutumn is officially here and as much as the changing scenery and beautiful colours lift the soul, the impending winter and shortening days can also leave us low on energy and retreating inwards. But retreating isn’t necessarily a negative action. One of its literal meanings is to withdraw into a safe and secure place, which sounds like a sensible thing to do when life gets a little stressful. So lets try to beat the stress and find our safe place by following the tips right here in this blog.

When we consider that retreating is a means of regrouping and recharging to go forward once more, then, surely it can be a very positive word, and an equally positive action.

Autumn is an important time to take time for ourselves. The run up to the winter months is often a stressful period, with the pace of work picking up to meet seasonal demands and with less light, as the sun sinks, we can find our energy depleting fast.

Finding the time to retreat fully may not be possible, there are definitely a few things we can do that can help us with our stress levels and to give ourselves an energy boost, without a dramatic lifestyle change.

1. Find balance: Take some time to stand up tall, and feel your weight through both your feet. Aligning the body helps the flow of blood and the neural pathways, for reduced stress and increased energy. Balance can also be found in our food and drink. Starting the day with a green juice or smoothie can help balance the gut as well as provide us with the nutrients needed to keep us energised. This can be as simple as adding some super greens powder to your juice or adding kale to your smoothie mix. You can buy this frozen to reduce costs and prevent wilting greens.

Jamie Isaac Pilates retreats2. Movement: Keeping the body in motion can be a great way to find some you time and to send energising, mood boosting endorphins through your body. If a Pilates class is not practical, then even walking a few blocks extra to work, can be a start. You can also try this yoga morning warm up with Erika to get you moving.

3. Stay in the now: The winter isn’t here yet, and summer has only just gone, so enjoy the moment, take time to breathe and notice the change in seasons. Even starting the day with a positive affirmation and 10 big breaths is a far more powerful tool than we often imagine.

Lemon essential oil

4. Cleanse: Drink hot water with lemon each morning to keep your energy levels high, remember to stay hydrated (balancing or cleansing herbal teas are a great way to stay hydrated when its cool) or try this autumn body cleanse workout.

5. Breathe: It sounds simple, but its amazing how often we forget to really breathe. You know, one of those breaths where you really take a lung full and then totally exhale. My mentor, Lolita, says that Joe Pilates would open the studio window every day (whatever the season) and take big full breaths. Not only does the increased oxygen energise the body, but by exhaling all the way out, you can give your lungs a mini detox and help to cleanse them of impurities that you have inhaled in. Start by taking 5 wide and deep breaths, and at the very bottom of each exhalation, draw the abs in and up and puff out the last remaining breath. Your lungs will be empty and clean and ready for the fresh new air.

We know how important recharging the batteries is at this time of year and with this in mind we wanted to offer a retreat experience that would cleanse the body and soul and prepare us mentally and physically for the winter ahead.

For many, taking time out to head overseas is not always an option, so we wanted to plan something in the UK, over a weekend so that the impact on our working weeks was minimal.

Autumn retreat‘A retreat in the UK in October?’ I hear you ask! We know how the UK weather can be, so we found a way to beat the weather and find some space to relax, rejuvenate and immerse in fun and energising movement.

We will be hosting the Pilates retreat at the beautiful Bedruthan Hotel and Spa, which not only boasts an award winning spa, with spectacular views over the cliffs and ocean, but also fantastic food and beautiful rooms. So relaxation and rejuvenation is guaranteed, whatever the elements outside.

I’ve planned the Pilates sessions, for this long weekend, with Autumn in mind. We will learn to replenish energy levels and move through some incredible Pilates exercises designed to lift our energy and to cleanse our lungs and internal organs to improve efficiency and positivity. As well as all the well known benefits of Pilates, such as longer leaner muscles, strength and stamina.

We will even be aiming to take our Pilates outside to the beach, with a fantastic Pilates Body Walk, that I had the honor of learning from my mentor and Pilates Elder, Lolita San Miguel. This incorporates Pilates movement and principles, with an invigorating walk. In this case, out into the clean fresh Cornish air, for a complete cleanse of the lungs.

For me its a real treat to be heading back to the UK to teach. Although I am originally from the UK, I currently reside and teach in California. Reconnecting with my roots is a fantastic opportunity and I’m looking forward to be able to combine it with sharing my passion for Pilates, and in such a stunning and energy rich part of the UK as well.

Jamie Isaac Pilates Lolita San MiguelMy original Pilates training was in the UK, where I learned the method in a typically British style. Since then I have also completed many studies in the USA, including becoming a 2nd Generation Master Teacher, under the mentorship of Lolita San Miguel. This title has only been awarded to 3 British teachers, and just over 100 in total world wide. So I’m excited to return to the UK and bring a unique experience to all who join me on this retreat. Having studied with renowned teachers from both the UK and the USA, I have the unique perspective of experiencing Pilates from many different approaches from both sides of the Atlantic.

This means that every guest can be sure that they are experiencing authentic Pilates, almost directly from the source. I’m looking forward to sharing this Pilates adventure with everyone, reconnecting with familiar faces and meeting new ones.

Every day will be filled with a class and a workshop to ensure that everyone gets to take their Pilates deeper, but also with plenty of time to indulge in the spa treatments or to explore the amazing coastal scenery, that the area is known for. Having the opportunity to take some time for yourself, at this time of year can prove to be a powerful thing.

Combining the movement, the cleansing food and environment, along with reconnecting the mind, body and spirit, will leave us recharged and ready to continue spreading positivity and light into the winter season.

I’m really looking forward to sharing my experiences and our Pilates adventure and hope to welcome you there.

Peace and sunshine


Pilates Spa retreat, Cornwall, UK

Location: Mawgan Porth, Cornwall, England Date: 15 – 18 October 2015
Instructor(s): Jamie Isaac

Pilates weekend England

Join 2nd generation master teacher, Jamie Isaac as he returns to the UK for a unique autumn Pilates retreat experience. Enjoy fun and challenging classes with this highly experienced teacher in one of the UK’s most beautiful locations, in an award winning spa-hotel. Soak up the knowledge and learn anecdotes about Joe Pilates direct from the source, whilst enjoying a relaxing and rejuvenating spa weekend.

About the author – Jamie Isaac

Jamie IsaacJamie Isaac believes in the power of mindful movement to change the world. Really.

As a surfer, yoga lover and Classical Pilates aficionado, Jamie founded Azulfit to share his passion with those who are ready to take their next conscious step toward vibrant health. Changing the world takes energy, clarity and inspiration, and Jamie makes sure his students have more than they need so they can be a shining example to others of what is possible.

Jamie is a 2nd Generation Master Pilates teacher. At his Fluid Art Pilates studio in California, and through workshops and retreats across the globe, Jamie loves nothing more than supporting and celebrating the transformations of his students… except maybe playing with his awesome kids.