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Hydrating green juice

Tips for hydrating naturally: Hydrating foods

Its 3PM and the afternoon slump is starting to slow you down. For some of us, that means feeling irritable, or perhaps having dry skin or dark circles under the eyes. In many cases this dip can also arrive with headaches. Hydrating green juice

Simply curling up under the desk is not an option and more caffeine is not a healthy alternative, so what can we do?

Fatigue, irritability and dips in energy are signs of dehydration, which we often ignore if we are putting in long days at the office. Even healthy activities like running, doing yoga, dancing, cycling and swimming will dehydrate and deplete us of not only water but important electrolytes, vitamins and amino acids – so it’s important that we drink water, but also that we rehydrate effectively. Thankfully, this is all easily done with the foods we eat.

The following amazing, yet simple, foods not only rehydrate but help our bodies re-balance, giving us important salts, natural sugars and vitamins, and help us hydrate effectively without having to use expensive, sugary, high calorie sports drinks.

They can also give us a much needed energy boost at lunch time, allowing us to work more effectively and helping us stay motivated to get to our after work classes or activities, without missing a beat. All can be eaten raw, and you can follow the links below to some great recipes by the amazing Jo.

Top Foods for hydration


91% water, broccoli is a real star of the veggie world. Packed full of protein, calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin C, it also contains iron to help us vegetarians stay healthy and strong. We recommend this easy, tasty broccoli side dish.


The combination of mineral salts (potassium) and amino acids in celery are thought to hydrate better even than a glass of water. Nutrient dense and 95% water, celery is a great way to hydrate and provides a nutritional boost of potassium, magnesium and phosphorus (potassium and magnesium deficits are linked with headaches. If you don’t like celery, perhaps try green apples).


Cucumber is a great vegetable for hydrating naturally. It weighs in at a mighty 96% water, and is also rich in iron and Vitamins K & B6. Other benefits are that it reduces swelling, and is great used topically to soothe skin irritation from sunburn.

Courgette/ Zucchini

A great source of potassium and folate, and a great hydrating food containing a quenching 95% water. You can find great recipes for raw noodles to substitute into your favourite pasta dish for a great summer meal.

watermelon for hydrationWatermelon

Why not try watermelon for breakfast or whenever you feel that afternoon energy slump coming on. With a high water content and packed with calcium, magnesium and potassium – hydrating the watermelon way is far better than even water or any sports drink you can buy. It also contains beta carotene and lycopene, which can help you protect your skin from UV light and sun damage, naturally.

Romaine lettuce

Full of folate, magnesium, calcium and beta carotene this summer lettuce is filling, rich in fibre and helps prevent dehydration whilst also improving bone health. Choose this type over iceberg (though iceberg has more water) romaine packs more bang for your nutrient buck and rehydrates more effectively.


92% water and full of natural summer goodness, fiber and folate, this seasonal fruit is delicious anytime of day. Some might say summers were made for eating these. Organic strawberries do have a higher nutrient content, so if you can afford to pay a little extra, its worth it.


Seasonal and 95% water, add these to your lunch or afternoon snack and enjoy all the benefits of these anti-oxidant rich fruits, which contain lycopene (which is also linked with good bone health).

pineapple to reduce swellingPineapple

Hydrating, as well as natural anti inflammatory this fun and tropical fruit packs a double punch – eat your pineapple at lunch or as a late afternoon snack if you feel back pain, fatigue or RSI from your computer mouse. Add a teaspoon of turmeric to your water, juice or milk (any kind including coconut or almond) and you will double the effect.


Our California retreat trees are brimming with these bitter gems. Full of vitamin C grapefruit is perfect for hydrating with a satisfying zing. It naturally cleanses the liver and provides a perfect bitter, astringent flavour that helps balance summer lethargy or oily skin. Try this amazing grapefruit and pomegranate salad for a summer evening dinner.

Carrots and Raspberries

Hydrating and bright, these foods always cheer us up, but also protect against cancer. Try this delicious carrot salad from Jo’s blog for a tasty summer treat.

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About the author

A geneticist by training, Karissa Isaac is a strong believer in a holistic approach to wellbeing and the benefits of Pilates and yoga. She put her passion for holistic health into founding Azul along with husband Jamie Isaac.

She is studying Ayurveda with the Dogwood School of Botanical medicine and is a strong believer and practitioner in the healing powers of movement, nutrition, essential oils and reiki, as well as good old fashioned love and kindness.

Karissa is following her love of healing and holistic wellbeing and continues to work on new and exciting Azulfit projects and events.