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International Yoga Day 2016 – the whole world in movement.

By Frauke Behrens

As a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, I know from my own practice and from working with our incredible Azulfit guests, how much yoga can offer a simple and accessible way to promote health and well-being on both a physical and spiritual level.

These benefits are already known to improve the health of many people, not least of our Azulfit team and guests; but yoga, as many of us already know, is much, much bigger than that! In proclaiming June 21 as  International Yoga Day, the United Nations has gone even further by recognising the amazing holistic benefits of this timeless practice and its compatibility with the principles and values of the UN. Or simply… yoga = union.

It promotes respect for other human beings and the planet we share. And yoga does not discriminate; everyone can practice, regardless of their strength, age or relative capabilities.

“Appreciate the benefits of this practice in regard to individual well-being and to our collective efforts to improve public health, promote peaceful relations and sponsoring a dignified life for all.”     -Ban Ki-moon-

As we look forward to the second annual celebration of this incredible day across the world, team Azulfit are planning to mark the day with events both in Fuerteventura and London that we would love you to be part of!

Here in Fuerteventura,  we are going to celebrate this important day with our guests in a special chanted meditation out in our island’s amazing nature, to open our hearts to the Mother Earth and to the benefits of yoga. Let’s spread our unconditional love and passion of yoga all over the planet!IYD

Whilst in London, Azulfit is proud to sponsor the second annual International yoga day celebrations at Alexandra Palace on Sunday 19th June and we would love to have you there as our guest, to join in with the international yoga community to move together mindfully.

Emma, Jamie, Valentina and Liz will be bringing the Azulfit energy and sunshine to International Yoga Day and contributing to an incredible day of FREE classes. They will also be on the stand all day from 7am, offering alignment workshops and handing out free prizes so please come and say hello!

Our schedule is as follows:

Emma Malarkey – Yoga Area 2

9.30am – 10.00am

Emma invites you to explore a creative and dynamic vinyasa to discover rhythm, alignment and breath. Generate heat and energy as you meditate in movement. Unite and nourish your body.

Jamie Isaac – Vitacoco

11.45am – 12.15pm

Let the edges blur between yoga and Pilates, in this core inspired movement sequence. Move mindfully, activate your core and connect with the breath to discover flow.

Sweat, smile and amaze yourself.

Valentina Parmigiani – Yoga Area 3

3.30pm – 4.00pm

Valentina invites you to discover your inner rock star. Fun, energetic and flowing, this inspirational vinyasa class, set to a rock themed soundtrack, is a musical movement journey to the stars!, Elevate the senses and rediscover the joy in your practice.

Ultimately, whether you can join us in Fuerteventura, London, or choose to take part in the events closer to your home, let’s use this important festival to move, stretch and salute the sun – you can even celebrate at home with this short sun salutation sequence by the amazing Valentina!

The whole world will be in movement; let’s celebrate this day together. Om Shanti and happy International Yoga Day!

Love Frauke x

About the author – Frauke Behrens

‘Live light, Travel light, Spread the light, Be the light.’ – Yogi Bhajan
There are no better words to describe this amazing woman.
Frauke is a reflection of what she is teaching, and each class with her is more than a class, its an experience.

Frauke has been teaching and practicing Kundalini Yoga for many years. She is certified through the Kundalini Research Institute, teaching in the style of Yogi Bhajan and is a full member of the Spanish Association of Kundalini Yoga.

Frauke is passionate about what she does and each class and meditation she leads help us to connect and to cleanse. You will enjoy every minute of her class, from the gentle meditation through to the energetic asanas, to the final relaxation.