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Welcome to the Power of Now

Azulfit Surya RetreatAs someone involved in wellbeing, I should definitely tell you that true contentment is discovered in being truly present in the moment.

The power of now.
However, to give your ‘now’ a little perspective it is certainly sensible to take a moment to look into the past, and also to prepare for the future.

Sometimes it’s as a way to learn from past mistakes and step into your future with a renewed perspective. Or other times it guides us on our journey towards the actions or words that felt right, or expressed what was in our heart.

We do this in our practice all the time.

You deserve to feel vibrant and energetic and paradise is waiting for you.

In yoga reviewing why an asana (posture) is difficult or a reason why our meditative flow was broken,
can help us approach it afresh, from a new approach, and gives us an opportunity to pick ourselves up and try again. Knowing that a session will build up to a certain challenging asana or moment, will allow us to inform our preparation and choose movements, breath and vinyasa to compliment and prepare our mind and body.

In many aspects of life, it’s through this practice that we can constantly grow, develop and better ourselves and inform our actions from a place of wisdom, rather than just react.

Azulfit Pilates teamIn Pilates it should be the same. We learn the order of exercises, so that we can build on each exercise past and be present with the one we are in, yet know and prepare our mind and body, and spirit, for what follows. It’s through this pattern that we move towards the 6th principle of Fluid Movement, which is where we can find contentment.

For me, lately life’s been busy, but full of exciting things. This always brings about moments of reflection and projection, and I felt I would like to share some of my thoughts I’ve had lately about the past and the future.

Last December, we moved our Corralejo beach location, Lotus Lodge into a wonderful new home.

Azulfit Lotus Retreat teamSeeing this new, upgraded location, where the Lotus Retreat would now be based to share it’s warm, open experience and passion for movement, health and happiness, took my mind back to how far it had all progressed and grown.

The original Lotus Lodge was actually where it all began, the first location for Azulfit.

Back then there weren’t many retreats running, and we were one of the first retreats in the world to offer both yoga and Pilates.

Azulfit Pilates retreat, 2011

It was a wonderful time to be doing what we were doing.

We had to step into every day with a sense of pioneering the concept of how a mindful retreat should run, and the values that it should embrace.


Even back then we would look ahead, and declared that we would always strive to offer the very best we could and have the guests experience at the heart of all we did.

I’m so proud that we made that decision, because it’s that amazing family of Azulfit folk that has become the community that exists today. And its for them that we have built the Surya retreat with thought going into every stone, every room, every meal. The upgraded features include: incredible deluxe mattresses, many more rooms with private baths, a beautiful practice shala with soundproofing and a large pool with resort sun loungers. Our favourite features: The beautiful Canarian internal courtyard wraps around Jo’s kitchen where you can smell the delicious homemade marmalades being prepared, or the granola baking, or even better being there at dusk as the sun sets smelling the international flavours of her vegetarian cuisine.

Our constant desire to improve, grow and share has seen a team of 2 bloom into a team of 20 friends, a family.  With that family comes a joined passion for wellbeing and a true desire to share it and celebrate it with the world.

It’s this energy and commitment to make a positive change and difference that has seen our small Lotus blossom into an amazing high quality, celebrated beach yoga retreat venue.

And this month we opened our doors to our whole Azulfit communities dream come true. Our very own, purpose designed, retreat centre. Surya Retreat.

Our vision: You deserve to feel vibrant and energetic and paradise is waiting for you. 

Azulfit Surya Retreat Pool

Named for the God of Sun, a place of divine light,

the entire team chose the name together. We are place of light, where our guests can always come to join us in mindful movement.


Our baby girl, born only 12 months before we began the project also holds the name, Surya, so we didn’t need convincing – this would be a place people could come to learn, grow and stand in their own power.

Not just a place that we feel will bring the Azulfit community together, but a place that will allow everyone, from guest to staff member, to reach and grow to their highest potential…

The past was very important. it was in the beginning that we were able to forge our strong mission and to establish ethical ideals that, unfortunately, are often missing in the modern business of wellbeing.

It was also a chance to learn from our mistakes, to understand what we needed to do to grow, and how we could achieve this and stay true to ourselves.

A few years ago, I taught a retreat in Bali. It was a dream retreat. Bali is beautiful, tropical and spiritual, and the guests were amazing. To add to a truly inspirational week was the place where we hosted from. It was one of the finest, most authentic retreat spaces I have ever visited. A purpose built centre, in a quiet and secure environment, with every detail considered, from practice spaces, to accommodations. It was a Balinese Utopia.

I left there with the mind that one day we could create something on the same level, with authentic Canarian architecture and all the same love and magic, and purpose. Just with a feel of Azulfit, Fuerteventura.

To have this dream materialise fills me with gratitude. We truly feel this place to be home, for Azulfit, a place where the Azulfit family can join together, guests and staff alike to celebrate, eat well, move mindfully and feel safe and supported on their very own journeys.

For us standing here in the now, stronger for the past, arms open wide to the future, it’s our chance to stand as a retreat centre, a wellbeing family and a community and know that there truly is nothing like this anywhere.

A unique and tranquil location, fueled with love, passion and warmth. A love and warmth both created by our amazing team, and by every guest who shares our passion and experiences with us along the way.

We really can not wait to welcome you all home.