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Positive attitude and power ballads!

By Claire Evans

6A2AA0F7-9342-4BA4-B11C-4A44393106CB‘Yoga isn’t just about how long you can hold a pose, or if you can get your feet behind your head! In fact, of all the sutras, only 1 is about physical practice, the others are about the spiritual being and the mind.

The mind has the power to create or destroy. It is the most powerful tool we have, and if put to good use, can drive us further than we ever thought possible.

I was asked to write this article as I’m currently training to take part in an event called the Marathon des Sables, a gruelling 250km event across the Sahara desert in 40+ degree heat, in 5 days. Why, I hear you ask…because I can. I’m not a born runner, far from it, in fact, 5 years ago I was told by a doctor that if didn’t lose weight and completely change my lifestyle I was in serious trouble! So one day, whilst watching the London Marathon, I just decided that I was going to do it in 2012.

From that point my life changed, all because I had belief in myself.

When I decided to enter the MdS, the same belief existed. Not once have I thought I can’t, I shouldn’t be doing this or I’m going to fail. I imagine myself crossing that line and receiving my medal. I can actually taste the gin and tonic waiting for me at the end!

There are several tools you need to put in place to create this mindset, the most important being you have to be ready to accept change and YOU have to believe in YOU, no one else is going to get you there.

Next is goal setting. It’s important to have something to work towards, whether that’s being able to jog round the sofa, to leaving work on time, make the goal and stick to it.

Remove or change any obstacles, some will be hard such as work or family commitments, so start with the ones you can change such as time management.

Write a plan, stick to it, but also be prepared that it may change. If you have to cancel something, rearrange it immediately.

IMG_7264Surround yourself with the right people, get rid of energy vampires. These are people that always have something negative to say even if it’s wrapped up in a pretty package. The biggest one I used to have was ‘I think you’ve lost enough weight now!’ These people can be dangerous and are often just waiting for you to fail.

Meditate and use visualisation – imagine it and you will create the possibility.

Lastly have total and utter faith in yourself.

And all else fails, put on your leg warmers, an 80s power ballad and high kick to Bonnie Tyler! Namaste xx’

About the author – Claire Evans

ClaireClaire has an amazing background, having owned and run a successful business in the UK. She has extensive experience in hospitality and her skills and beautiful and warm personality make her a perfect fit for our team.

She moved to the island with her husband for the lifestyle and she loves to share her knowledge and support to our guests. She is currently training for a the Marathon de Sables, a six day ultra marathon in the Sahara desert.

You can read more about this amazing challenge and support her here on her JustGiving page