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Hatha yoga

One big yoga family

So there I was,  30 minutes into class and I’m already sweating profusely. My elevated breathing had started my irregular heart off on a crazy jungle beat. This had set my very un-calm mind off worrying, seriously regretting that I forgot to mention ‘arrhythmia’ on the health form. Ah, the joys of Bikram yoga! Even with[...]↣ READ MORE

Has yoga lost its touch?

Yoga is popular and its popularity continues to skyrocket in the western world, but why has yoga become so popular? For the past two months I have been socialising with Indian people and some days I have been teaching yoga to local Indian people. A few weeks back an old Master who I have known for several[...]↣ READ MORE

Cat cow pose is a great way to release morning tension in the neck, spine and lower back, so even if you don’t have a setting quite as lovely as the Corralejo Dunes National Park, you can still have a great start to your day. Start on your hands and knees, knees hip-width apart, shoulders[...]↣ READ MORE