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Vegan chocolate bark with baked bananas

Long summer evenings are perfect for sharing long leisurely dinners with friends and family, celebrating occasions big and small.

imageThese times together are the ideal opportunity to indulge and treat yourself a little, but dessert doesn’t always need to be unhealthy or packed with sugar.

Why not try this delicious recipe for baked bananas with vegan ‘chocolate’ bark that we’ve been enjoying at the Lotus Retreat and impress your loved ones at your next get together with a dessert that is vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free. It’s so simple and can even be done on the barbecue – perfect for summer entertaining!

Handful of hazelnuts
Handful of almonds
Handful of coconut flakes / dessicated coconut
1/2 cup of coconut oil
1/2 cup of 100% pure cocoa or cacao powder
2-3 tbsp of honey
1 banana per person

1) Preheat oven to 150C and roast the nuts for 10 minutes on a lined baking tray.
2) Add the coconut and place back in the oven for a couple more minutes keeping a careful eye to prevent the coconut from burning. Allow to cool slightly and then roughly chop the nuts into small pieces.
3) In a saucepan gently warm the coconut oil and whisk in the cocoa or cacao and honey. Add half the nut mixture.
4) Pour the chocolate mixture onto a baking tray or chopping board lined with parchment paper and then sprinkle on the remaining nut mixture.
5) Place in the freezer to set for 15 minutes.
6) While the chocolate is setting or when you’re ready, place the bananas on the barbecue or in the oven and bake until the skin has blackened all over.
7) Cut into the banana and open the skin. Break the chocolate bark into pieces and place inside so it starts to melt.

Enjoy! Happy summer from all at Azulfit.

About the author

Liz HardakerAs a former Azulfit guest, Liz, like many of our visitors, first found yoga whilst enjoying a week-long retreat at Villa Azul.

Not doing things by half, since that first visit to Fuerteventura, she has entirely transformed her life and spent over a year travelling in Europe and the US, enjoying lots of sunshine, yoga and beaches, before joining the team.