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Retreat Food

Delicious & Healthy Cuisine

Our weekly menu has been carefully planned and designed to give you the energy you need to get the absolute best from your retreat experience. Mindfully sourced, fresh ingredients (many from the Azulfit garden) add to the amazing flavours to make delicious, vibrant and nutritious plant based meals. You’ll be feasting with your eyes, delighting your tastebuds and nourishing your body, leaving you feeling great. Specially designed menus will leave you feeling vibrant, healthy and energised. Many guests come for the retreat for the experience, and return for the food. With many recipes from Jo Dombernowsky’s Truly Healthy, Truly Delicious cookbook, mealtimes at the retreat are a highlight! Click here for more info on our Retreat Cookbooks.
Azulfit Yoga Retreat Meals


After your morning session you will sit down to a delicious homemade breakfast including fresh fruits, home made breads and marmalades, yogurt, muesli and granola, plus a savory dish of the day. We also offer an abundant choice of drinks including water, tea and coffee, and make a fresh herbal tea of the day.
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After breakfast you can also select your lunch dishes from a selection of salads, dips and grains, offered as a take away packed lunch box to enjoy by the pool or out on an excursion. 

It was wonderful to have such well-made, healthy meals to complement the Azul classes and lifestyle. Every meal was energizing, satisfying and made with love.



Five delicious and healthy evening meals are also included. Bursting with flavour and colour, they are consistent with our overall vibrant retreat philosophy, healthful food that you will be inspired to make when you get back home. We also share a ‘pay it forward’ charity meal on a Monday evening, an opportunity for our team and guests to support one of our partner charities through our Seva mission in a simple way, offering a donation for this light, wholesome meal. 

What a joy to be served with the tastiest freshest food every time – a real revelation in terms of vegetarian meals.



Using only the best ingredients, each meal is not only a chance to enjoy good food and good company, it’s a chance to learn about the benefits of nutritious eating.

All meals are vegetarian with vegan and gluten-free options. Specific dietary requirements can be catered for with advanced notice.

Learn more about our nutrition philosophy

Allergen policy

Our team at Azulfit is committed to reducing the risk to guests with regards to the consumption of allergens, read our guide to allergens in the Azulfit kitchen