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Surya Retreat massage, beauty & holistic therapies

Relax and unwind in the expert hands of our Azulfit massage and beauty therapists. Have the knots and tension kneaded away, revitalise your skin, and enjoy some time just for you. Azulfit offers a complete range of holistic treatments and beauty therapies to help you rest, rejuvenate and come away looking and feeling fantastic.

You will receive a one-hour full body massage as part of your retreat package. Make the most of your relaxing break by booking additional treatments with our skilled team of beauty and massage therapists.

You will receive your treatments in our treatment rooms.

Gift vouchers

Have a friend or loved one coming on holiday to Azulfit? Why not spoil them with a gift voucher for one of our wellbeing or pampering treatments? Contact us for more information.

De-Stress: Massage treatments

Anti-Stress massage

€50 | 50  minutes | Yasmina

Regenerate and reconstitute your body as you increase the blood supply and oxygen to the tissues with this massage that deeply relaxes your senses.

Swedish Massage

€55 – 50 minutes | Pamela

Reduces stress-induced tensions and rea rms muscles and articulations. A full body massage with medium pressure to induce a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

Relaxing Massage

€50 – 50 minutes | Johanna/ Yasmina / Mari / Pamela

An overall relaxing body massage to help you to restore balance and energy. You have the choice to enrich this massage with the addition of an aromatherapy oil for +€10

Deep Tissue Massage

€50 | 55 minutes | Pamela

Through additional stretching and mobilisation movements this deep massage helps to recover muscles and relieves aches.

Tension Liberated Massage

50 mins | € 55 | Yasmina

Therapeutic massage, deep and intense, focusing on the location of tense muscles, eliminating and recovering normal muscle structure. – With Yasmina

Deep Tissue Massage + cupping therapy

€70 | 70 minutes | Pamela

Combines the stretching and mobilisation methods of the Deep Tissue massage with Cupping Therapy to release the tension in the muscles and relax the body.

Myofascial Release Massage

€55 – 50 minutes | Johanna

Myofascial release stimulates the connective tissue to recover the elasticity in the adhesions and eliminate toxins. By using more pressure and cross- bre friction it releases knots and relaxes the muscles.

Traditional Thai Massage (Nuad Bo Rarn)

75 mins | € 70 | Yasmina / Pamela

A traditional Thai massage performed on a futon wearing comfortable clothing. It combines di erent techniques and manipulations in a sequence of circulatory compressions and includes stretching and re ex stimulation to release bodily tensions. It promotes blood circulation and activates the lymphatic system to increase energy ow and increase flexibility and elasticity of the muscles. This massage will bring you a deep sense of physical and mental peace.

Shiro-Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage

€50 – 50 minutes | Yasmina or Pamela

This Ayurvedic massage focuses on the back, shoulders, neck and head area. Hot Ayurvedic oils help release tensions and eliminate toxins, in turn releasing stress that accumulates in the upper part of the body.

Head and Facial Massage

€40 – 30 minutes | Mari

A powerful massage focused on shoulders, neck, face and skull.

Indian head massage

€50 – 45 minutes | Yasmina

Indian Head Massage is a beautiful relaxing treatment that works on the back, neck, scalp and face, it can help to calm the mind and is deeply relaxing. This treatment is usually performed seated.

Holistic therapies

Body Balancing

Acupuncture / Auricular (Ear) Therapy

30 mins | € 40 | Johanna

Restores natural energy balance, improves general wellbeing, helps reduce stress, anxiety and alleviate the sensations of withdrawal and craving. Small needles or light electric stimulation activate the release of endorphins and other neurotransmitters such as serotonin, to restore balance and energy.

Body Balance Treatment

55 mins | € 60 | Johanna

Rigid joints and short/tight muscles increase the possibility of muscle pain and injuries. Mobilising and liberating joints, and stretching muscles adds elasticity to the fascia to provide more flexibility and prevent injuries.

Body – Posture check

15 mins | € 15 | Johanna

A review of the body posture including mobility exercises to identify muscular and or structural tension, weakness, instability, misalignment etc. You will receive advise and recommendations within the session to help you regain the control, strength and exibility of the body. Can be added to a longer treatment such as Osteopathy and Body Balance for best e ect.

Foot Reflexology

€45 | 45 minutes | Yasmina

A therapeutic system that applies di erent techniques of compression and massage on the re ex areas of your feet relating to the organs and glands of the body.

Foot Reflexology + Legs Combination

€70 | 70  minutes | Yasmina

Combines the compression and massage techniques of Reflexology with a full leg massage.

Osteo-Body Balancing Complete Combination

85 mins | € 90 | Johanna

A combination of Osteopathy, Body Balancing and myofascial release sessions. Ideal as a rst or annual treatment to realign the body completely through a combination of mobilising and liberating joints and muscles with structural adjustments, treating the body structure as a whole. It helps to relieve disorders in organs, releasing emotional and functional blockages in muscles and joints.


€65/60 minutes | Surya Retreat | Johanna

A manual curative and preventive therapy which approaches the human body as a complex structure and treats the entire being as a whole: muscle and joint injuries (sore back, cervical, joint or muscle pain), disorders in organs and their function (gastric problems, pelvic congestion) and emotional and functional blockages (headaches, migraines, bromyalgia, stress, etc.) caused by recent and/or past incidents. Osteopathy can be combined safely with traditional medicines and stimulates the e ects of other therapies like re exology, homeopathy, Yoga and Pilates etc.

Osteopathy Visceral

45 mins | € 50 | Johanna

Aims to restore the important voluntary movements of our organs (liver, stomach, kidneys, intestines, diaphragm), to help eliminate toxins and restore the functionality of the organs. Correct mobility helps to reduce functional and structural blockages to stimulate vascularisation which leading to a relaxed, released body.

Cranial-sacral Osteopathy

€45 | 40 minutes | Johanna

This is a gentle and non-invasive therapy which supports your body’s innate ability to balance, restore and heal itself, reducing stress and build the underlying energy by releasing tensions in the body. Sometimes in other areas than where your symptoms occur and activate your body to relax and begin to make the changes it needs.

Relax and Cranio-Sacral Combination

€80 | 75 minutes | Johanna

An overall relaxing body massage to help to restore balance and energy, combined with the gentle and non-invasive therapy of osteopathy cranio-sacral, which supports your body’s innate ability to balance, restore and heal itself. You have the option to enrich this treatment with aromatherapy (+ 10 euro).

Body balancing

€55 | 55 minutes | Johanna

Rigid joints and short/tight muscles increase the possibility of muscle pain and injuries. Mobilizing and liberating joints, stretching muscles and elastifying the fascias will provide more flexibility, preventing injuries which can lead into neuro-muscular-skeletal problems.


€45/40 minutes |  Johanna

The ancient Chinese believed that there is a universal life energy called Chi or Qi present in every living creature. This health maintaining energy circulates throughout the body along pathways so called meridians. A blocked flow of energy can cause disfunction, pain and illness. Acupuncture “re-programmes” and restores the normal functions by stimulating certain meridian points.

Auricular (ear) therapy

€45/40 minutes | Surya Retreat | Johanna

This therapy restores the natural energy balance, improves general wellbeing, helps reducing stress, anxiety and alleviate the sensations of withdrawal and craving as the small needles do stimulate the release of endorphins and other neurotransmitters such as serotonin.


€45/45 minutes | Yasmina / Pamela

Reiki is a Sanskrit word combining Rei, meaning universal energy and KI, vital energy. It is a technique channeling and transmitting energy through the laying on of hands, used to obtain a bodily and emotional harmony at all levels.

Reiki + Chakra Balance with magnets Combination

€65/ 75 minutes | Pamela

This combines the energy techniques of Reiki with magnetic therapy through the chakras, aiding relaxation and wellbeing working on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Chakra balancing

€45/45 minutes | Jigyasa

Clearing and balancing your chakras will help to unblock and harmonise the flow of energy in your body. When you make this connection it can transform your life. The chakras are the power stations of our body. They are wheels of light within our aura, which bring our physical body to life.

Massage treatments available at Tranquility Spa, Corralejo (offsite)

Treatments can also be booked at Tranquility Massage & Beauty Spa in Corralejo. This tranquil spa is located in beautiful flower-filled gardens just two minutes walk from the beach.

Therapeutic massage

Combining deep tissue and relaxing techniques to soothe damaged tissue, and relieves strained muscles and joint pain. The massage will be adapted to your needs.

Back & neck massage | 40 min – €38

Body massage | 55 min – €54

Back, face & scalp massage | 55 min – €54

Full body massage |1hr 25 min – €79

Balinese massage

1hr 30 min – €79

This full-body, deep-tissue holistic treatment is based on an ancient Indonesian system of healing to remove knots and restore you.

Hot stone massage

1hr 25 min – €82 | 55min – €57

Hot stone massage combines the benefits of warm stones with various massage techniques to create a deeply relaxing and healing treatment. The heat of the stones penetrates to a deeper level, bringing about physiological changes as well as influencing the body’s internal energy flow; bringing balance to both mind and body.

Face, neck & scalp essential oil massage

25 min – €35

Using essential oil balm this is a wonderful massage for reducing tension and relieving headaches and stress. Finished with a hot steamed towel and application of moisturiser.

Foot massage

25 min – €29

Revive your tired feet with a relaxing foot and leg massage.

Mama massage

55 min – €54

During this period of physical and emotional change this relaxing massage can be of enormous benefit to both the mother and baby. Given as you lay on your side with a pregnancy pillow for support.

Facial treatments

Provence Cosmetics 3D excellency gommage facial

€62 – 55 minutes | Tranquility Spa

A unique anti-aging facial for all skin types, containing active ingredients such as sunflower bee pollen, essential oils, sea collagen and many vitamins, including retinol. This treatment stimulates collagen, restores radiance and decreases fine lines, giving instant visible results.

Body treatments

Bioslimming Body Wrap by Provence Cosmetic

€85 – 2 hours | €70  without measuring | Tranquility Spa

One of the strongest professional products available, packed full of high level active ingredients, targeting cellulite and fat, producing visible long-lasting results from the first treatment.

Pure Fiji tropical sugar scrub

€58 – 60 minutes | Tranquility Spa

Soften and nourish your skin with this pampering body treatment. Coconut milk combined with macadamia and coconut oil is massaged into the skin followed by exfoliation with pure sugar cane and tropical nut oils. Leaves your skin satin soft and helps to prolong your tan.

Pure Fiji dilo rescue wrap

€55 – 55 min | Tranquility Spa

This cooling body treatment will gently hydrate and revitalize your skin, providing instant relief for sunburnt skin. A blend of Dilo nut oil and aloe vera will soothe your skin while a face, neck and scalp massage will clear your mind, finished with the dilo rescue butter massaged into the skin.

Pure Fiji rebalancing back treatment

€55 – 55 minutes | Tranquility Spa

Includes exfoliation and mask applied to the back, followed by a back massage concentrating on those extra tight spots, massage to the back of the legs completes the feeling of total relaxation.

Fijian hot oil scalp massage

€23 – 20 min | Tranquility Spa

Warmed exotic nut oils are massaged gently into the scalp and neck to release stress and improve scalp circulation while deep conditioning your hair and scalp. Add to any full body treatment.

Beauty treatments

Nail shape & varnish

25min – €17

A tidy of the nail shape with a professional application of polish.

Deluxe manicure

55 min – €28

Revitalise your hands with this treatment incorporating soak, scrub, cuticle treatment, massage, reshaping and then finish with Opi professional nail polish.

Mini manicure

40 min – €24

Includes soak, cuticle work, reshaping and Opi nail polish.

Nourishing manicure

1hr 10 min – €32

A wonderful manicure for the driest of hands. Includes the Classic Manicure with warm oil, exfoliation and a hydrating mask for a deeply nourishing boost.

CND Shellac gel polish

50 min – €30

Includes dry manicure and gel polish application, using CND professional polish

Gel polish soak off*

20–30 min – €15

Removal of gel polish, nail reshape and nail oil conditioner. *We only remove Shellac if the colour is a professional product such as OPI, CND or Gellish.

Gel polish removal and application of CND Shellac gel polish

1hr 20 min – €41

Removal of gel polish with the Shellac CND manicure.

Deluxe pedicure

1hr – €35

This nurturing foot treatment includes foot soak, file and buff, and removal of dry skin and cuticles. Your feet are then exfoliated, conditioned and massaged, with colour applied for the perfect finish.

Mini pedicure

45 min – €29

This mini foot treatment includes file and buff of the feet and nails, and cuticle treatment with reshape and polish.

Nourishing pedicure

1hr 10 min – €39

For an extra softening and moisture boost, this deeply nourishing treatment includes the deluxe pedicure, plus massage finished with a nourishing mask and heated boots.

Callus peel treatment

20 min – €22

Pressure applied to your feet over time causes the skin to harden and calluses to appear. This treatment takes just 30 minutes to remove the calluses and you can see the results right away.

Deluxe pedicure & callus peel treatment

1hr 15 min – €50

Combine two of our most popular foot treatments to revive and renew your feet.

CND Shellac Pedicure

50 min – €32

Includes mini pedicure without soaking plus CND Shellac.

Cnd shellac removal with CND pedicure

1hr 10 min – €43

Removal of gel polish followed by the Shellac CND pedicure.


All waxing treatments take place at Tranquility Spa

Underarm wax – €9
Upper lip or chin wax – €5
Bikini wax – standard – €16
Bikini wax – Brazilian – €24
Bikini wax – Hollywood (complete) – €26

Half leg wax – €16
¾ leg wax – €20
Full leg wax – €25
Back wax – €25

Eye treatments

All eye treatments take place at Tranquility Spa

Eyebrow tint – €8
Eyebrow shape/wax – €9
Eyelash tint – €15
Complete eye treatment (lash tint, brow tint and shape)– €27

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I also want to thank you warmly for my wonderful holiday. I felt that everybody without exception put a lot of heart and soul into their teaching or massages to make it feel the best for the guests. You really are a great team of experts.
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