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Relax and unwind in the expert hands of our Azulfit massage and beauty therapists.

Have the knots and tension kneaded away, revitalise your skin, and enjoy some time just for you. Azulfit offers a complete range of holistic treatments and beauty therapies to help you rest, rejuvenate and come away looking and feeling fantastic.


De-Stress: Massage treatments

Therapeutic massage

€60 | 50  minutes | Ana

Deep treatment that completely adapts to your needs, using different techniques as deep tissue, trigger points pressure, stretching, myofascial techniques.

Relaxing Massage

€55 – 50 minutes | Johanna/Ana

An overall relaxing body massage to help you to restore balance and energy. You have the choice to enrich this massage with the addition of an aromatherapy oil for +€10

Myofascial Release Massage

€55 – 50 minutes | Johanna

Myofascial release stimulates the connective tissue to recover the elasticity in the adhesions and eliminate toxins. By using more pressure and cross- bre friction it releases knots and relaxes the muscles.

Hot Stone Massage

70 mins | € 90 | Tamara

Hot stone massage is deeply restorative, promoting improved immune function, restful sleep and helps tension and stress melt away.  Relieves Pain and Tension and naturally decreases anxiety and stress levels. Hot basalt stones (volcanic stones offer a beautiful connection to the island). This therapy combines classic massage techniques and stone placement to activate the circulation, provides improved oxygenation to the cells and helps to get rid of toxins in the body.

Stones are placed on the main chakras of the body to balance the energies of body and spirit. Using essential oils corresponding to the chakras you’ll feel uplifted and rejuvenated.  (Essential oil options include: Lemongrass, eucalyptus, Rose, Lemon, Sandalwood, Cedar or Cypress).

Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage

€85 – 75 minutes | Ana

This Ayurvedic massage focuses on the back, shoulders, neck and head area. Hot Ayurvedic oils help release tensions and eliminate toxins, in turn releasing stress that accumulates in the upper part of the body.

Indian Head massage

€55 – 45 minutes | Coming Soon 

Indian Head Massage is a beautiful relaxing treatment that works on the back, neck, scalp and face, it can help to calm the mind and is deeply relaxing. This treatment is usually performed seated.

Swedish Massage

€55 – 50 minutes | Coming Soon 

Long, kneading strokes combined with rhythmic tapping strokes and movement of the joints. This type of massage targets the uppermost layer of muscles and aims to relieve muscle tension.

Holistic therapies

Acupuncture / Auricular (Ear) Therapy

30 mins | € 45 | Johanna

Restores natural energy balance, improves general wellbeing, helps reduce stress, anxiety and alleviate the sensations of withdrawal and craving. Small needles or light electric stimulation activate the release of endorphins and other neurotransmitters such as serotonin, to restore balance and energy.

Body Balance Treatment

55 mins | € 69 | Johanna

Rigid joints and short/tight muscles increase the possibility of muscle pain and injuries. Mobilising and liberating joints, and stretching muscles adds elasticity to the fascia to provide more flexibility and prevent injuries.

Body – Posture check

15 mins | € 15 | Johanna

A review of the body posture including mobility exercises to identify muscular and or structural tension, weakness, instability, misalignment etc. You will receive advise and recommendations within the session to help you regain the control, strength and flexibility of the body. Can be added to a longer treatment such as Osteopathy and Body Balance for best results.

Osteo-Body Balancing: Complete Combination

85 mins | € 90 | Johanna

A combination of Osteopathy, Body Balancing and myofascial release sessions. Ideal as a rst or annual treatment to realign the body completely through a combination of mobilising and liberating joints and muscles with structural adjustments, treating the body structure as a whole. It helps to relieve disorders in organs, releasing emotional and functional blockages in muscles and joints.


60 minutes | €69 | Johanna

A manual curative and preventive therapy which approaches the human body as a complex structure and treats the entire being as a whole: muscle and joint injuries (sore back, cervical, joint or muscle pain), disorders in organs and their function (gastric problems, pelvic congestion) and emotional and functional blockages (headaches, migraines, bromyalgia, stress, etc.) caused by recent and/or past incidents. Osteopathy can be combined safely with traditional medicines and stimulates the e ects of other therapies like reflexology, homeopathy, Yoga and Pilates etc.

Osteopathy Visceral

45 mins | € 55 | Johanna / Ana

Aims to restore the important voluntary movements of our organs (liver, stomach, kidneys, intestines, diaphragm), to help eliminate toxins and restore the functionality of the organs. Correct mobility helps to reduce functional and structural blockages to stimulate vascularisation which leading to a relaxed, released body.

Cranial-sacral Osteopathy

€45 | 40 minutes | Johanna

This is a gentle and non-invasive therapy which supports your body’s innate ability to balance, restore and heal itself, reducing stress and build the underlying energy by releasing tensions in the body. Sometimes in other areas than where your symptoms occur and activate your body to relax and begin to make the changes it needs.

Relax and Cranio-Sacral Combination

€80 | 75 minutes | Johanna

An overall relaxing body massage to help to restore balance and energy, combined with the gentle and non-invasive therapy of osteopathy cranio-sacral, which supports your body’s innate ability to balance, restore and heal itself. You have the option to enrich this treatment with aromatherapy (+ 10 euro).

Body balancing

€55 | 50 minutes | Johanna

Rigid joints and short/tight muscles increase the possibility of muscle pain and injuries. Mobilizing and liberating joints, stretching muscles and elastifying the fascias will provide more flexibility, preventing injuries which can lead into neuro-muscular-skeletal problems.


€45| 40 minutes |  Johanna / Ana

The ancient Chinese believed that there is a universal life energy called Chi or Qi present in every living creature. This health maintaining energy circulates throughout the body along pathways so called meridians. A blocked flow of energy can cause disfunction, pain and illness. Acupuncture “re-programmes” and restores the normal functions by stimulating certain meridian points.

Auricular (ear) therapy

€45 | 40 minutes | Johanna

This therapy restores the natural energy balance, improves general wellbeing, helps reducing stress, anxiety and alleviate the sensations of withdrawal and craving as the small needles do stimulate the release of endorphins and other neurotransmitters such as serotonin.


€50 / 50 minutes | Tamara / Ana

Reiki is a Sanskrit word combining Rei, meaning universal energy and KI, vital energy. It is a technique channeling and transmitting energy through the laying on of hands, used to obtain a bodily and emotional harmony at all levels.


€45 / 30 minutes | Ana

This treatment uses gentle pressure in specific nerve points along your feet to help you feel better, easing stress. These points correspond to organs of the body inducing a healing response in your body.

Head, Face, Neck & Shoulder drainage

€55 / 50 minutes | Ana

By acting on your energetic and marma points on your head, face and neck, this massage helps stimulate the lymphatic drainage of your tissues, releases tension accumulated in these areas. It also helps eradicate fluid retention, bringing you a total ecstasy of sensations.



Rei-Boost Holistic Facial

60 mins | € 75 | Tamara

Your holistic facial treatment combines classic elements of beauty and energy healing. With the latest technology and hi-tech products in combination with Pranic cleansing and Reiki energy, this facial treatment becomes a very special experience and allows your skin and soul shine in a whole new light. Using the latest rejuvenating technology and matching products from doTERRA, your skin will be deeply cleansed. Followed by a gentle enzymatic peel, you will be optimally prepared a miracle “Boost”. In a 2-minute, pleasant micro-current treatment + Boost Activating Serum the complexion is optimized and shines rejuvenated and fresh. This is followed by a classic facial massage and a Reiki energy treatment with specially tailored and handmade natural cosmetics to complete your Rei-Boost. Finally, high-frequency activated oxygen reactivates cell renewal and enhances the effect of the treatment. Let yourself be enchanted and treat your body and mind to a total recharge.

Japanese gua-sha facial 

55 mins | € 70 | Tamara

This luxurious treatment relieves tension in the face, reduces puffiness and inflammation, and it can even help reduce sinus pressure. This facial has an anti-aging effect and ensures a fresh complexion. In addition, it is suitable for all skin types and also has a improves the health of our skin.

Gemstones are used for facial care and massage. The most well-known gemstones are jade and rose quartz. Gua Sha massage has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for centuries. The gemstones are gently “rolled” over the face. After the facial massage, the skin is freed from toxins and blockages by a gentle lymphatic drainage. 

In all facial treatments, essential oils are used to improve skin condition and they also have wonderful emotional benefits.  Frankincense is used for soothing and rejuvenating, wild orange boosts mood and reduces stress. Additionally the following oils can be used during the treatment:

Melaleuca oil = wonderful to reduce irritations, remove impurities and clear blemishes. Jasmine =  healthy glow Rose = balances the moisture level of the skin Sandalwood = to reduce imperfections and to ensure a smooth and healthy complexion

Bright Eyes

25 mins | € 45 | Tamara

After a gentle cleansing you will receive a wonderful face massage with luxurious and organic Jojoba oil mixed with a blend of essential oils. Acupressure and lymphatic drainage techniques will brighten up your whole complexion and especially concentrating on your eye area to reduce puffiness and improve the appearance of fine lines. A special eye cream of doTERRA with clinically proven ingredients such as bakuchiol which has a cooling effect, deeply moisturises and soothes the delicate eye area. This powerful express treatment has an immediate effect on your radiance and will leave you with an awake look.Dark circles are history … shine bright like a diamond. 

Azulfit Signature Soul Shine Recharge

30 mins | € 20 | Tamara

This beautiful relaxing facial leaves not only your skin but also your soul renewed and pampered. With the latest technology in beauty products from doTERRA with powerful plant based ingredients and essential oils, the treatment includes cleansing and exfoliation with the reveal facial system followed by a wonderful soothing face and neck massage with Jojoba and aromatic oils. A special combination of eye serum, brightening serum and moisturizer will round up your beauty treatment and will leave your complexion deeply moisturized and refreshed. With massage techniques from Indian head massage / balance and Jin Shin Jyutsu healing you will gently float in a different dimension and will come back with this special glow off your skin and your soul.




50 mins | € 65 | Ana

A treatment to restore, maintain and make the most of your mobility, function and well being. A wonderful, hands on session working through physical rehabilitation and injury prevention, postural education and advice to carry well beyond your stay with us.