Raw Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake

Raw Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake

After we celebrated Lisa’s birthday yesterday with this amazing cake, we had a lot of people asking for the recipe. There are so many benefits to eating a raw food diet. This amazing recipe means you can still have delicious celebrations, without having to compromise your healthy diet. Enjoy! Serves 8-10 (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free)[...]↣ READ MORE

Hydrating green juice

Its 3PM and the afternoon slump is starting to slow you down. For some of us, that means feeling irritable, or perhaps having dry skin or dark circles under the eyes. In many cases this dip can also arrive with headaches. Simply curling up under the desk is not an option and more caffiene is not a[...]↣ READ MORE

Long summer evenings are perfect for sharing long leisurely dinners with friends and family, celebrating occasions big and small. These times together are the ideal opportunity to indulge and treat yourself a little, but dessert doesn’t always need to be unhealthy or packed with sugar. Why not try this delicious recipe for baked bananas with vegan[...]↣ READ MORE

Having trouble getting your greens in? Need a boost of energy for the longer days? This delicious smoothie, with its healthy fats, can reduce stress, and it is perfect for giving you a boost of energy any time of day. The rich, creamy texture is a treat. The prep time is less than 5 minutes,[...]↣ READ MORE

With Christmas just around the corner, Jo is excited to share with you this Gluten Free Christmas cake. It’s a moist, delicious, gluten free festive treat. With just the right amount of holiday spice, this cake is delicious and full of goodness, including pumpkin and pumpkin seeds. It’s made with rice flour and sweetened with[...]↣ READ MORE